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  • Michael - got me into med schoolthe most important thing about getting that vaunted high mcat score is NOT the book or materials you have - it's all about how hard and how much you study. that being said, having a nice book does make things decidedly easier. this kaplan book is well organized and clear and i would use it again if i had to - good thing i don't any more :) hopefully you won't either. study hard.
  • A. Martinez "Rock" - Great Product.I take this product as part of my regimine of nutritional products like Lovaza and low sugar Activia, as well as a high fiber diet. I believe it works best for me since I also take medications that affect my digestive tract. I've been taking Align since February and plan to continue.
  • Erica Klein - Cool and comfortableThe chillow is cooler and more comfortable than you would guess. I am very happy with it. On warm nights I put it in the fridge for a half hour. On regular nights it is cool on its own. When I wake up in the middle of the night there is always a cool spot on the chillow. However by morning it isn't cool any more. I got my mom a chillow and she likes it too. I think it is a reasonably priced item that adds a lot of comfort to my life.
  • MaryLee L. Hibbard - Quicken DeluxeI had used the Deluxe version before but last year I thought I would save a few dollars and bought the basic version--
    mistake! This product was easy to download; and I am back managing my monies the way I like. I have recommended this product to so many of my friends and will continue to. Mary Lee Hibbard