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  • yyz-1000 - an album to calm the savage beastDo yourself a favor! Light a scented candle. Buy a off coloredlight bulb preferably red and put in your bed side lamp. Open those mini blinds to let the moonlight cast errie shadows opon your bedroom walls. Lay down on your bed. Get snuggled up in the warm covers and PLAY THIS ALBUM! If your life is full of pressures, job is killing you, boss on you back, screaming kids, road rage, mother in law wants you dead etc. This album can bring you back down. Relax and listen Lyrics hold true to today's modern life. BUY THIS AND ENJOY.
  • P "P" - This is required reading for anyone who wants genuinequality of life and medical care.This book has really been a turning point in my own health trials and trevails and I applaud Dr. Crook and his confederates for persisting despite the typical reaction of the public in rejecting that which is not add water and mix. And yet, this is as simple as that in many ways.I also enjoyed Proof Positive and really think that if Dr. Nedley could explore the yeast connection he would really have a very well rounded book because Dr. Crook has not ignored the very real and pervasive danger of chemicals and their deleterious effect on us humans and it's correlation to yeast problems.Highly recommended reading for the intelligent and open minded.
  • Melanie Weld "tooty fruity" - NEWBORN STAPLE!!!I bought the authors book, "Baby Bargains" and LOVED that book. I saw that they had a baby book out and put it on my registry. Somehow even after my book was purchased, i was told by several other friends they had also purchased it for me...They said they were browsing it until they saw me to give it to me and they loved it, so it wasn't hard to let them down gently and tell them i already owned it, score for them, they all ended up keeping the book. I have to say, when I freak out about things(apparently very common freak outs, like changed in BM) sure enough it goes over it. This book has provided me with more info than my own pediatrician!! For example, my baby started only having one -two BMs a day around 6 weeks, my Dr said "thats fine" the book actually explained that this is very normal to happen around 6 weeks. So where my Dr made me feel like it was an okay thing, but maybe not normal, the book reassured me it's very common and normal!!!