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  • Jamber27 - It works for me!!!I have been looking for ways to control my facial sweating and only this product has helped me! I know it's recommended for underarms, but I tried it on my face anyways to see if it would work. And YES it did and it does! Just be aware that it will sting you face when you put it on. However, the result the next day is all worth the pain. It may not be for everyone, but it works for me!
  • Be-a-uty - It is amazing, but I think this product really works!!I breastfed my three boys for more than three years (the youngest is 2 now), so my breasts after the last one looked like those infamous "rocks in the socks". Not that I would be desperate because of that, they did great job :o), but they didn't look nice in the swimming wear :o). An augmantation hurts, and you have to maintain it, plus not everybody likes the result. So I encountered with this product by googling some breast enhancing stuff and Breast Actives significantly led all the reviews and tests. So I purchased them. Both Pills and Creams. After one month of using them, my breasts feel much firmer and fuller. Really! I can't say whether they will also grow a lot, but from size 34A I had to switch to 34B two weeks ago. So probably it is working on this field too. I recommend this product! Also I stopped having pain during my periods (I had two so far and I was surprised how smoothly I got through them).