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City: 18501 Scranton, Pennsylvania

  • Julie Borg - Fine Indeed!Dust off your passports and call your travel agents! Susan's wonderful book will have you planning your own trip before you even finish the first chapter! It is charming! Along the way I had to watch Miss Potter, bake lemon cookies and orange lavender cake, and bought my first journal. I especially loved the online appendix that goes along with the story! Susan's style of writing makes you feel as if you are traveling with her! And her art work is delightful! Grab a cup of tea and go enjoy!
  • Funkkamii - WorksFor those people debating to try this.. Please do so. It works. Just put note you might have to do the steps multiple times but it works. Some reviews ive read said their mole looks like a circle without a center.. Thats what happened to me and so i scratched off little more than the actual mole size then applied again. It works. It might regrow because u didnt dig deep enough. But be patient and let it heal then re-do the process. Took me 6 times to destroy my mole with this. I was patient n Let it heal 6 times!! Took like.. 8 months? I got rid of the mole.. And about scarring.. Its genetics and medication is just an addition. U can barely notice my scar.. In fact only i know that theres suppose to be a scar there if u stare into the area for like a minute. Oh.. One more thing i had a wart removed from a cosmetic surgeon.. That process left a scar clear to see.. Id rather use dermatend than go pay bigger money for bigger scars.
  • D. P. Taylor - After a call to Seagate Support, I'm very happy!I thought this would be a great way to backup my work MacBook Pro when home; I use an Apple Time Capsule at the office.

    Okay, I read the reviews and thought it wouldn't be any problem to simply plug the Seagate Backup Plus into my Mac and I'd be good to go. Not so! I got a message that my Mac Time Machine could not access the disk because it was not in some kind of "journaled" format. Huh??? I promptly called Seagate Support and told the tech the message, and that I run Parallels also but was only interested in backing up the Mac side--which he said was a good thing because Parallels can be an issue. He then walked me thru the steps to reformat the Seagate Backup, I chose it from Time Machine and it promptly backed everything up fairly quickly and effortlessly.

    I love the quietness, the portability, and the ease with which this works. I only backed up 58GB so I've got a lot of room to spare. No issues at all--and Seagate Support is wonderful!
  • Eryk Jalowy - Ideal for Creature Oriented Green or Artifact DecksThere's honestly not TOO much to say about this relatively simple and effective little card. It costs 4 to slap down, and from then on, any time you can pay 4 mana and tap it, a creature from your hand enters the battlefield. Overall, as simple as that!! A few things to keep in mind: 1) most importantly, you can ignore the entire converted mana cost of any creature in your hand; 2) handy for (obviously) playing creatures that are very expensive, or of a color you don't have available; 3) subtle, but it does not count as playing a spell (if your eyes just lit up, go search for combos!), which means effects that say "cast a [creature/any] spell" are not triggered, while effects that say "creature enters the battlefield" still go through; 4) your creature can't be countered unless the opponent can somehow counteract the Artifact's ability before it resolves (very difficult in current Standard aside from flat out instant/ability artifact destruction); 5) may be even less obvious than the "not a spell" part, you can do it whenever you want! Like any activated ability that doesn't specify otherwise, it can be activated any time you can cast an instant spell. Hold your creature in your hand and keep your mana open until your opponent's turn, then slap it down during their end step, or during the combat phase, or right after they've tapped out all their mana! Also keep in mind it specifically says "hand", so this doesn't combo with anything in your graveyard, in your library, or in exile (you sneaky Praetor's Grasp users!).

    A few quick anecdotes. I have used this card more than once to play a Blightsteel Colossus in a green trample/infect deck. I have used it to great effect against anti-creature counter decks by paying the 4 mana even if the card's cost is less, because it can't be countered. Having this, along with an Asceticism in play means my creatures can slide into the battlefield completely untouchable by any direct source. It's not for every deck, of course, but if you use expensive creatures, or are for some reason afraid of your creature spells being countered, give it a try!