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  • Tom Cat - Great resource for search engine optimization (SEO)I found this book helpful for me as I'm doing the search engine optimization (SEO) on new websites. It is a good reference for Webmasters who are looking for the basics of SEO. Some topics that I found helpful: tool to check load time like GTMetrix which measures your websites load time in real time, Google Analytics and the very handy Google Webmaster Tools.

    He also reminds anybody looking to get good google results to avoid spamming your site all over the internet in an attempt to get you good backlinks. Google will penalize those pages and you will lose rankings. Good, basic SEO information that all designers should know. He pointed out using Majestic SEO to see which backlinks are pointing back to your website.

    I recommend this book for the content, easy reading, and super price on Kindle downloads.

    Suzy Tracy, Web Developer
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  • Desert Denizen "desertkrone" - Cured my diarrheaAt the age of around 59 I developed diarrhea. I couldn't figure out why for a couple of years until my doctor suggested I might be lactose intolerant. I have no family history of lactose intolerance, so I was skeptical. But I did stop ingesting lactose from dairy products, and my diarrhea went away. I then tried taking Align and ingesting dairy again, and found that I could do so. I tried several other probiotics, but Align is the only one that works for me, this is including probiotics that include the B. infantis bacteria. The strain of this bacteria in Align is just what I needed. I do have a history of taking a lot of Cipro for chronic bladder infections.

    Over the past week I have started a lactose-and-dairy-free diet while taking Align. I felt better in 3 days on this diet. I am also prediabetic and have started testing my blood sugars. For now I plan to stay on Align. It works for me. And I wonder if the small amounts of sugar and milk products in the capsule are not enough to affect my allergies. I do wish Proctor and Gamble would address all the additives they have in this product. I wonder if they need a little sugar and milk as a medium to support the bacteria in the gut. Does that make sense?

    Anyway, bottom line is it works where many others failed. It does not seem to affect my lactose and dairy allergies, and does not affect my blood sugar levels.
  • Anastasia Yeager - Steaks taste better than gas BBQFirst I did a lot of research before purchasing this. Needed an electric unit because I have to BBQ on my balcony. My kitchen and dining and living areas are all on the main floor of my house with a large balcony and a sunroom below in my split level home.(did not want to climb stairs for the sake of a gas BBQ). Ace had this unit for $129 and an addition $5 coupon they handed me was just too good a deal to pass up. Sorry Amazon. I still love you.
    It was already assembled. Yay!
    Cranked it up first thing to make sure all worked. Went to 550 in 15 minutes. So I turned it off and left it open. Cooled in no time. I added lava rock from my yard. Live by Mt. Shasta. Lots of lava rock on my property. Found an old grate and put just below heating element. Put Lava on grate. I think it heated faster the second time. Then came the thick sirloin and buttered corn. It was all done in 12 minutes. Absolutely delicious. After taking out the steak I left heat on 550 (max) before I turned it off. Cooked the gug to a crisp and I wiped off easily once cooled. There was no fat in the little tray. It all dripped on the lava rocks. So I can honestly say clean up was a breeze. Much better than my many many gas BBQ of prior years. I'll update this once I've owned for a while but for now I'm pleased. I've posted a pix. With the heating element off. Remember to take heating element off and keep away from weather. Think that is probably the reason people's elements fail. I put mine in the BBQ so I don't lose track of it.
    Update: Put heating element indoors. The sun heated the black exterior and made it almost 200 degrees inside. Don't want the electronics to melt so inside the house the heating element went.