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  • Lady la - You are Excellent!Alyce,
    I ordered your book simply based on your recent testimony. It blows my mind, that "simple minds" are using a "book" review site to bash you. Ridiculous! No one deserves to be murdered and I'm sure this is your position as well. I clearly understand what you are saying, not only because of my being a graduate student of psychology, but my own domestic violence experiences as well. No matter how much a liar Jodi is, I drew my conclusion based on the simple fact that he was a practicing Mormon, professing that he was a virgin while in this relationship, and others. Then he "set" it up like she was stalking him; secretly having sex, but when she "showed" up, he conveniently told people she was a stalker. This is not simply a man being a man (that's B.S. anyway, because we all have choices) He wasn't just any man. He had a road map and moral compass, he professed to live by. It is deviant and manipulative when you SET OUT to use and abuse, while hiding in a religion. That's wrong! It's major betrayal. I liked when you stated that your assessment was based on a cumulative of things. It's amazing how people think that you based your conclusion on JA's words. You're no fool. You know your stuff. Her words are the last to consider since she told so many lies. She didn't manipulate you! It's the childhood, it's the womanizing, it's the vulgar behaviors and thoughts, it's the hiding in the religion to exploit, and it's the mind games that created the assessment of abuse. Even if he never hit her, it's still abusive. Just because someone gains an understanding of something, doesn't mean you agree with murder. "True mental health providers" WILL ask and explore the "why". I'm not even sure your goal is acquittal, but to explore and explain the dynamics of control and the many facets of abuse. It's funny. People think if they rant and rave that it's going to stop what you're driven to do. This is not the first time somebody was pissed off and couldn't do a damn thing about it. LOL You'll be in town next month. I can't wait and will be honored to meet you.
  • Ana G. Moheno Elizondo "agme" - Very useful.This is a book that every doctor must have. I gave it to my husband, he is a gastroenterologist and he love it. We live in Mexico, and we could not find it until i webt to Amazon and get it for him. Thank you
  • Mary Singer Wick - Great singles dating guide!Josh's book was such an encouragement to me when I was single. You'll be blessed as you'll read that God can bring you a mate anywhere, anytime that is perfectly suited for you! Jesus always has our best in mind. Being single can also be a time of great fellowship with Him while you wait expectantly for your spouse to be revealed to you. Mary Singer Wick, author of "My Heart's Desire: A Journey Toward Finding Extravagant Love".
  • J. Blizman - Best of the best!I purchased one of these a couple weeks ago and I absolutely love it! It is so easy to use and perfect for the quick cup of coffee. I would not recommend this for a "hardcore" coffee drinker who drinks 3 or more cups a day, but it is perfect for the once or twice a day cup of coffee. It is also very sleek and looks great just sitting on my kitchen counter.