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  • Henry F. Bodamer "HankB" - Orgreenic frying pans.I can almost bet 90 percent of the bad reviews came from not reading the instructions to the letter.It has to be seasoned with a SMALL amount of oil and brought to the point(at MEDIUM heat only) of just beginning to smoke a little.It's very hard to see so look at eye level.You have to immediately remove it from the heat source to cool.Don't use it till it is totally cool to the touch.I orginally bought the 12 inch and was so impressed I bought the 10 inch.I use bamboo utensils with it with no problems with sticking and it cleans up like a dream.One swipe with a damp paper towel and it's clean.My biggest problem is when I bread fish to fry without oil.They slide all over the pan when I try to turn them.I guess that's not a bad thing.I asked the clerk where I bought them if they got many returns and she said none that she could recall.I plan to give some as gifts but I'll season them for them.One side note if you buy a bamboo cutting board be prepared to season it everyday for a week with mineral oil.I've had mine for 5 years and season it when it looks too dry.Cut marks seem to disappear.
  • Daniel J. Kinem - Handy guideMore convenient than web-based and faster than phone apps. I prefer this over "pharmacopeia"; more information and side effects. (How you can have a drug guide without side effects listed is beyond me.)