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  • jennifer S - My best baby purchase!I think most people would say that $729 is a lot for a stroller. True, it is, but this isn't just ANY stroller. It's basically a Cadillac for your baby. The ride is smooth and its lovely to drive. I use this daily, 1-3 hours a day since my baby was 8 weeks old(we used the upright seat) and she's now 5 months old. To break things down I've listed my pros and cons below.

    All pieces/additions are included in the price, no need to spend extra money on a bassinet, rain shield, bug shield, etc.
    The tires are NOT air filled which means zero risk of a flat.
    The storage at the bottom of the stroller is huge, I can fit a few bags of groceries under there.
    The seat had the option of facing towards you, or away.
    The window on the top allows me to peek in on my baby without stopping and running around to the front of the stroller.
    It comes with a built in sun shade that eliminates the need to toss a blanket over the stroller.
    Collapses super easily.
    It's smooth and easy to maneuver.
    With a $35 attachment you can upgrade for 2 kids!
    The red color is gorgeous and I've yet to see another one on the streets I portland, or vancouver, bc.

    I wish that the upright seat also converted into a bassinet to eliminate the need to store extra pieces. My baby hated the bassinet so we had to purchase an infant insert so we could use the upright...which she loves.
    Having a built in cup holder would be amazing, or at least including one...
    They didn't have a carseat attachment for my carseat.

    And that's about it, no major complaints here. This was my best baby investment!
  • Jay Bazzinotti - Call me Ishmael but this be darn good readin'Aye, ye can call me Ishmael, though me name be Jay. There be a time once't when I and me mates be doing the jakes over t' th' Grand Banks seeking the whale fishies, aye brave boys! It was the best of times, it was the worst of times! It was a dark and stormy night when out of the fog came this bejesus Great White Ship! No chance t' run, no chance t' hide, it tracked us down and crushed our worthy crafty t' splinters, arrrgh! If not for the likes of mates like QeeQaq, I woulda drowneded for sure, drug to the deeps o' Davy Jones locker, laddie. As it was, I lost only a leg, me ship, me pride and me mind. Now ye must know that at sea there's only 2 things that matter - what a man can do, and what a man can't do. Since I c'n n' longer sail single handedly, I require a worthy crew of swarthy lads, hot for th' smell o' the sea and the feel o' th' salt spray as we hunt the Great White Huge Ship. Ye came to wrong ship for anarchy, brother! As God is my witness, I shall never be run down again! Not me nor any of my kin! Frankly, I don't give a damn about much else but findin' and sinkin' the Great White Ship! She lives now....only in me memory...Aye!
  • S. Rosenberg - Works as advertised, convenientThis is the least expensive of the product line, and works well.
    It takes a little maneuvering to get a full bottle of water screwed into the head, but three burst of gas and you're done.

    Flavors are another deal. You need to experiment. But make sure you examine the calorie count on each flavor, as they differ widely. Some use Sugar, some use other sweetners.

    With perfect tap water, this save a lot of schlepping and disposal of plastic bottles.

    I get GAS refills at my local Target for about $17
  • Kathleen - Great Pictures!Beautiful book with pictures of people from around the world doing hard work and using their bodies in ways that don't destroy them and cause pain...lessons we all need. Gokhale's philosophy of posture is radical to Western physical therapy but empirically grounded. The exercises get more difficult as they advance. My advice, as a physical therapist, is to work gently with each one and don't push too hard. You can't do the hip hinge to the ground until you have mastered the earlier exercises. It's a guide and a friend you'll carry for years and share with your friends. Seeing her videos is very helpful.