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  • MaryH - 2013 ReviewI purchased a Soda Stream Soda Maker a few months ago from a local Bed, Bath & Beyond store where they also had an abundance of carbonators. The carbonators are $29.99 with no exchange, or $14.99 with an exchange. I've also seen the carbonators at many local supermarkets as well as chain stores like Target, Kohl's and Best Buy. I bet WalMart probably has them, too. What I like: using my own filtered water to make sparkling water anytime I want in a re-usable bottle that I didn't have to pay a bottle deposit on and have to return to a store to get my deposit back. What I don't care about one way or another: the flavored syrups since I'm not a big soda drinker and would rather have sparkling water plain or with a splash of cranberry, grapefruit or orange juice mixed in. What I don't like: can't think of a thing.
  • Jeremy Shingles "2.342" - Hutzler was a lunatic!!! The 571B is Instant Insanity!Many reviews have focused on the ease of use with respect to the 571B. However, have we looked at the history of its creator? Well, brace yourself. Frank Hurzler was born in 1924 in Midtown, PA. He served his country in the United States Army during World War II and was a member of American Legion Post 218 for over 50 years.

    Many have speculated he invented the 571B as a result of being deployed in the Pacific during WWII and helping the natives slice bananas. This is most likely a myth. The truth is, Hutzler was discharged from the military for mental instability. He spent many years travelling from city to city experimenting on various medical students in an effort to discover the mind's universal weakness. After disasterous results using such things as electric mirrors and perpetual steam vacuums, he decided to create his own device. A device that would invariably worm into the human mind via the universal weakness (a remaining secret). From 1953-1956, Hutzler was able to successfully use his device to this end, mostly employed by the FBI for interrogation as well as Scientologists for conversion. However, after the incident on '57 the device was hence blacklisted as was Hutzler.

    He was exiled to France, and the B571 was re-patented by GE and designated for Banana Slicing (a groundbreaking idea in the late 50's). However, Hutzler sought revenge! He spent the next 20 years attempting to harvest pre-sliced bananas right out of the ground!! It was the most brilliant plan to date! But, that's when the trouble started. He became so fixated on this idea, the 572B+ as he called it, that he went mad. He was last seen at Paris Municipal Airfield in 1983 chasing after a produce plane bound for Peru. It has not been confirmed if he made it to Peru or was lost. Strangely, his journal entries from days before were found in an NYC bus station years later. They explicitly warned of the 571B and its powers of instant insanity. You've been warned! Hutzler be damned!