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  • Scott - Great baby monitor. Great technical supportThis monitor is great. I have to admit, the set up is frustrating, however I just recommend setting up a technical ticket and getting Gary to help set it up. He access your computer remotely and does everything for you. He is fast, efficient and kind. He got me rocking and rolling. Great product. Thank you.
  • L. Heald - Gift for 3rd year medical studentI gave this to my daughter who is a 3rd year medical student. It was recommended by my friend who is a pediatric pharmacist. Very good resource- easy to understand.
  • W. R. Smith - Truly Radical: This Book Will Change Your LifeDavid Platt's Radical reads like a modern, American version of Martin Luther's nailing of his 95 Theses on the Wittenberg Chapel door. The book is well named for what he is proposing is truly radical. Jesus has called the Church to be salt and light in the world, spreading His Gospel and making disciples of all nations. However, instead, we in America have absorbed another gospel, a false one, that seeks for the prosperity of the individual at the expense of the international and comfort for oneself that is blind to a world that is headed for Hell without Christ. How often we have criticized the prosperity gospel types while in denial that we are engaging in a similar mindset.

    Platt zooms out and seeks to stimulate a sense of urgency to reach the 4.5 billion people of the world who are without Christ, of which more than a billion are starving. Having done that, he then zooms in on specific needs around the world, examples of suffering by people in general and our brothers and sisters in particular. Before the reader of this review gets the idea that Platt is another social gospel proponent or a post-modern confusing the Gospel with working to create a utopia on the Earth, understand that Platt urges that contributions be made to Christian organizations that are gospel centered.

    His concern is that people realize that sending money alone is not enough. God the Father sent Jesus the Son, a Person, to us in our time of need and not silver, gold or money. He challenges the Church to obey the Great Commission which doesn't say send money or other people but "Go." As Jesus said to the Pharisees, they needed to do the one without leaving the other undone.

    To find out how Platt expects everyone to abandon the American Dream for God's plan instead, I would encourage you to read the book. It is a prophetic call to the present generation to forsake their nets and follow the Fisher of Men. If you only read one Christian book this year, this is the one. I highly recommend it.

    Disclaimer: A review copy of Radical was provided to me by Multnomah. The views in the review are my own and I was under no obligation to endorse the book but to present an honest review of what I thought.

    You can rank my review on Multnomah's site. If you found this review helpful, I'd appreciate it! Thanks ahead of time.
  • Sean Bryant - Good Old Reliable Old Farmer's AlmanacWhat can I say, other than I order several of these every year (one for myself), and to give away as stocking stuffer gifts at Christmastime. The Almanac is wonderful, filled with anecdotes and folksy stories, along with their very reliable weather predictions (they are spot-on so far for the Northeast!), along with moon cycles and Christian holidays incorporated into their monthly calendar pages. Wonderful Almanac... it's tried and true, it has not really changed over the years, and I hope they never change it.
  • Patsy ( - I Read, I Believe & I'm On My Way To A Healing!I found Dr. Pagano's book, quite by accident, inCT, and "What A Find!" I never thought of looking for a book that would have a cure.After suffering for 36 years with psoriasis, and applying expensive 'rub-on' medications, as well as bear grease, bag balm and a host of other home remedies from the "older generation" here at home, I came to the realization that something had to be wrong inside, but no one (doctor) could help me because they didn't have a clue. Now Dr. John Pagano, he had more than a clue, and his book is proof! I bought his book July 23rd. I read it in 3 days, cover to cover. Immediately I gave up the night shade foods! I studied it for 3 days and lent it to my chiropractor for 2 weeks. I got it back and studied it some more, and on August 16th, I was ready, and began the cleansing regimen. I have been following it as closely as I can, and on Saurday, last, I realized that the psoriasis on my scalp was totally gone! It's wonderful! The rest of my body is responding, and realizing that it took me 36 years to get to this point, I've got as long as it takes to heal myself completely! You'll be hearing from me again. The sooner, the better! I have a strong faith in God, and hope, that have kept me going during the very bad times, dealing with this disease. I see myself in those pictures, and am thankful that Dr. John Pagano saw fit to take the works of Edward Cace, and expound on them, to help those of us who have needed someone to care, and help us heal our bodies. Thanks Dr. Pagano! You are one very compassionate person.