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  • Jmatt - My girls are happy, so I am tooA few points:
    1) buy download center cards (wait until you can get them for less than $20)
    2) get a screen protector. If you don't, you'll be wincing every time your 5-year old starts bashing the screen with the stylus
    3) Get rechargeable batteries or a recharger pack. the leappad does NOT come with a wall cord so you will be going though alkaline batteries like crazy. I recommend the recharger pack because you avoid the hassle of having to swap and recharge batteries and you get a wall cord.
    4) the app download center occasionally offers buy-2-get-1-free offers or similar; you can save a fair bit of money using these
    5) You can install app store purchase on more than one leappad (I'm not sure of the limit, but it's at least two). HOWEVER: free apps you get with leappad purchase are ONLY good for one installation. These apps are also available for purchase, and if you pay for them they will install on multiple leap. Therefore, if you buy two leappads at the same time, make SURE to select the same free apps for each leappad. If you don't, your kids will probably complaining because they don't have the same apps, and you'll have to buy two apps instead of one. That's what happened with us anyway.
  • Tammie Bader - ExcellentI received a free sample of this on I woke up with a cold sore starting,I applied the Orajel single dose and omg by the end of the day it didn't get bigger. I get cold sores often and I have tried everything including valtrex and abreva and nothing stopped them as quick as this. Very good product!!!!
  • Thomas J. Thayer - No Problems HereI purchased Quicken Deluxe 2013 to upgrade Quicken Deluxe 2011 on a Windows PC. There was some hesitation to upgrade now due to poor early reviews on this software. But, as a long-time Quicken user (almost 20 years) and professional in the software development industry (25 years), I decided to accept the challenge. I was not disappointed.


    I actually upgraded twice - both times were flawless. Initially, after ensuring a good backup of my Quicken 2011 data, I simply downloaded Quicken 2013 and ran the installer. The software detected the presence of Q2011, made a backup copy of the data file, uninstalled the old version, installed the new, and then converted the data. No problems and the data converted fine.

    Due to some problems that were no fault of Intuit (e.g. I screwed something up), I had to re-install Quicken 2013 after restoring a system backup. This time, I made a copy of my data file, uninstalled Quicken 2011 myself and then installed Quicken 2013 from scratch. Again, no problems. I then pointed it to my Q2011 data file - and Quicken proceeded to convert it again - and again the conversion was flawless.

    First Impression:

    At first glance, Quicken Deluxe 2013 looks very much like Quicken Deluxe 2011. This is a good thing because I had no desire to completely relearn the GUI of the application. As you poke around though, you'll discover the subtle differences and feature enhancements. I'm pretty sure I haven't found all of those yet, but so far I like what I see. Manual and automatic data entry are almost identical to 2011, but there are some improvements in the Budget Tool.

    Mobile Applications and Support:

    Obviously, one of the biggest new features in this version is the introduction of the mobile apps. I've installed the Android app to my Motorola Droid and the iOS app to my iPad. I had no problems syncing the data and didn't experience any of the problems that some others have reported. Again, flawless operation. That being said, there's room for improvement on both versions of these apps. I'd like to see more of the desktop features added to the mobile apps - within the realistic capabilities of each. But, I'd consider this a good Version 1 of these applications, and will give Intuit the opportunity to "wow" me with Version 2.


    Another solid offering from Intuit and a worthwhile upgrade if you "need" to upgrade for continued support, or if you want to dip your toes into the mobile applications. I'm not sure that new features alone would justify this upgrade otherwise - unless you like to always have the "latest and greatest" like I do.
  • Sonia M. Lightsey - Fantastic DietI absolutely LOVE this diet even though I am not a "veggie" person. I have been desperately being trying to lose 20 pounds in these last 10 years and have tried numerous times and numerous diets. It is not hard at all to follow but you had better enjoy veggies and cooking!! It is also hard to drink all that water but what is nice is as your weight goes down so does the quantity of water you have to drink. I have lost 7 pounds in 14 days! I HIGHLY recommend this diet.
  • Barry W. Kearns - Make sure you get the SECOND EDITION!Part of the differential in some folks' review of this work has to do, no doubt, with the differences between the First Edition and Second Edition. I consider the First Edition to be, quite frankly, something of a disaster. The advice throughout was baffling and frankly wrong-headed. And let's be honest here folks... the goggles do NOTHING!

    The Second Edition offered here though (with a grudging admission that it is worth the hefty premium being asked... grrr!) is a whole other story. Since un-learning the previous offering and taking on this new perspective, I can say with complete honesty that I have successfully avoided EVERY single huge ship which came anywhere remotely near me. I've stopped stressing about this issue entirely now, and my life is fuller because of that.

    Yes, it's incredibly pricey... but after all, isn't your peace of mind worth it?