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  • shaking devdas "streaking on brohaha lane" - Fast and Huge

    I had HD for 6 m and no problems yet..though to use it back up my PC i had to download the "dashboard" software of seagate website..which is acronis rebranded..HD does not have independent cooling...I have placed a 120mm on top 2 HDs like a chair..The temp dropped 10 is stable now at 88 deg

  • R. Heller "Book Lover" - this is a wonderful tablet

    I bought the Galaxy Tab2 after researching current tablets on a number of web sites . I had to replace my Toshiba Thrive which was my first tablet . It developed a crack in the upper left corner . I say developed, because it was never dropped and was always kept in a protective case. Since it was warranteed with Squaretrade, they told me to send the Toshiba to them and they will be sending me $300.00 ( my cost for the tablet) to replace it. The Galaxy Tab came in at about that price. The crack was the best thing that happened to me ! I didn't realize how wonderful a tablet could be ! The Galaxy is a brilliant instrument . It towers over the Thrive in design, display and ease of use. It is sleek, responsive and a joy to use. I wanted a Samsung product since I am now using the Galaxy Blaze smart phone and enjoy that device very much. I considered upgrading to the Galaxy Note, but after comparing both devices I choose the Tab 2 for it's price as I am not a gamer and don't require the fastest processors.
    I've had it only a few days and so far, I am enjoying it very much !
    BTW, Squaretrade warranty is the only way to go. they have come through now 3 times for me ....I would never own another electronic device without their warranty. Let's face it...these things break sooner or later !!!!