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  • Steven A. Peterson - My personal GPS systemI have been using Rand McNally Road Atlases as a resource for at least four decades (if not more). This has been my GPA system for many years.

    Just taking a look at "What's Inside," you get a sense of the value of this atlas. The sections and tools: Best of the Road (top small towns in the US), the maps themselves--state by state, Road construction, Numbers to know (phone numbers for hotels and rental cars, among others), mileage charts, and time between cities. I find these various features so useful.

    But, ultimately, it is the maps that are critical. For instance, Illinois is not one of the most scenic states in the union (it is my home state). But it is interesting to trace the "scenic routes" that Illinois offers, such as Illinois Route 96 along the Mississippi River. Want to visit some of the best leafing areas in the fall in Pennsylvania? Th Rand McNally map helped me develop a route to see one of the better areas for colorful leaves in the state.

    As a kid, I would plan routes for vacation using my Rand McNally road atlas. To be honest, I now sometimes use But I always have my trust Rand McNally atlas next to me when I take such trips. It remains my personal GPS system!
  • honest_review - The only thing that worked!This product is amazing!! I had dealt with BV for almost a year. My doctor had given me two different prescription meds. I would be fine while on the medication but only a day or two later it would be back. I then tried every over the counter medicine I could find and as soon as I was finished with the product it would be back again. After doing much research online to try to find a cure I came across Rephresh and decided to give it a try. I used the Rephresh gel every 3 days as directed for 6 weeks. At the same time, I used the Rephresh Pro-B Supplement (one in the morning and one at night). I am so happy to say that the BV is gone! I am no longer using the gel except after intimacy with my husband (to keep my PH balanced), and am only taking one supplement a day now. There were times over the first few weeks that I thought it was getting worse, but gradually it got better and better until it was gone. I highly recommend this to anyone who is dealing BV. It works!!
  • Ashlee Erin - Awesome!!!!I absolutely love this book and the whole Stephanie plum series!! I never actually knew about the series till maybe a month or two ago but once I picked up that first book and started reading I found myself going back to the bookstore for two and three. Now I am up to the sixth book and I cant wait for the next one. I love the characters...crazy grandma muzur, butt-kickin ex-hooker and two hot sexy men to sit along side the greatest character the not so together funny as hell Stephanie Plum. its mystery, love interest, crazy antics and danger. you cannot go wrong with these books Evanovich is a gifted woman, each book makes me want more and more I just hope I dont run out of books before the next one comes out. I definetely recommend these books they are so worth the time and money.
  • H. Lyons - so far, so great!We LOVED our old HP 4550 color laser jet, bought in 2001. Finally it wore out and we bought this printer. It is so quiet, so fast, and has such good resolution! It was quick and easy to set up on our network, has no problem with Macs and PC's, and it doesn't get as hot as old printer. We have not yet had to change the toner cartridges, so I still don't know if maintenance will be as easy as it was with our old printer, but daily use is terrific!
  • Eduarda Guedes - Rush (the breathless trilogy) :DI loved the set up (I am a sucker for the “in love with my brother’s best friend” thing)

    Gabe was definitely your quintessential alpha male. Add to that a past which has left him with no ability to trust in a relationship, and an obsession with his best friends little sister, and sparks are guaranteed. I loved watching Gabe struggle with his real feelings for Mia. I wanted to smack him more than once and tell him to stop being such a blind fool, but I still loved him. When he would let himself go, and be sweet, he just melted my heart.
    Go on and read this right away you won't regret it........