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  • Shelley K Shackelford - Life Code by Dr. PhilI only wish I had been able to read this years ago! My naivete about people like this has caused me and my family so much grief. It was inconceivable to my husband and myself that someone would deliberately hurt us the way this person has. Not only is he a pathological liar, has shown no remorse since he was "discovered," but he continues to say and do hurtful things toward our family. He has left a path of destruction in his wake, not just us but his own family. Had I read this before, I believe I would have had the affirmation to listen to my gut instincts and would have been able to avoid him, or at least minimize our exposure to his evil. These people won't change - they don't see anything wrong with their manipulative, hurtful way they treat others. It's all for their own gain. Get as far away from them as you can, and take your loved ones with you!
  • DAL - Best tablet I have seenAfter several weeks watching, pre-ordering, cancelling, and so on. Worried about wifi issue, I finally decided to buy this tablet with my fingers crossed. Was the best Idid!!!. This device is perfect. It seems the ones new don't have wifi issues. Buy it! You won't regret!!lt is much better than any tablet in the market by far!!!
  • Dale Lampson - An Amazing Story Simply ToldPing Fu's amazing story of meeting her life's deep valley and high mountain challenges with resourcefulness, flexibility, courage and thoughtfulness of others speaks poignantly of the indomitable human spirit. This short book is a must-read for any entrepreneur, women seeking alternatives to alpha-male management techniques, and those facing mid-career change.

    It is a worthy companion and notable counter-point to the many self-help guru missives and smug how-I-did-it serial entrepreneurial tomes. Ping Fu's graceful dance with East and West suggests a 3rd pathway to a life well-lived and a career well-played: Face each new challenge with confidence, think and work hard, take risks, trust other people...and remember that life's meanings and learnings happen as much in the valleys as they do on the mountain tops. Trust in yourself. Always be a "sunrise" person, because the future belongs to the optimists.
  • Jodi Chapters "Chapters and Chats" - A Story With HeartWho Asked You?

    You may recognize Terry McMillan as the author who has written several novels that have been turned into movies. We all laughed and cried while watching "How Stella Got Her Groove Back" and "Waiting to Exhale." Her new novel "Who Asked You?" will again have your emotions running the gambit.

    This is a fiction with heart. The circle of friends and family is both supportive and highly dysfunctional at the same time and I'm pretty sure we all know a family, or are a family, that resembles the one in this book, and that is what brings "Who Asked You?" into the real world.

    Betty Jean (BJ), Arlene and Venetia are three sisters living very different lives. Betty is the unchallenged family matriarch, the glue that binds the family. Married with three children; Quentin, the oldest is a chiropractor blowing through relationships and wives living in an upscale neighborhood, and ashamed of his family roots. Dexter is the middle child. He's in prison for a crime he won't take responsibility for, and Trinetta the youngest child; a single drug addicted mother of three.

    When Trinetta drops her sons Luther and Ricky off with BJ for what is supposed to be for a week and ends up being several years, BJ's sisters Arlene and Venetia have no trouble giving their opinions on how to raise the boys and in fact, pretty much how to live her life although both are struggling with their own lives.

    The cast of characters is rounded out with Venetia's newly outed gay son, Arlene's philandering husband and BJ's husband who is debilitated with Alzheimer's and her neighbor and longtime friend Tammy. All of McMillan's characters are well developed with each their quirks and traits are revealed one layer at a time giving more depth and allowing the reader to connect.

    The plot is well laid out however it feels a little rushed toward the end of the book. With moments of hilarity and heartbreak, the story is truly engaging and makes for a read you won't want to put down.

    Bottom line: pick up the book for yourself and another copy or two as gifts for your friends. "Who Asked You?" is a book that should be one everyone's fall reading list.

    Hardcover Edition: ISBN: 978-0-670-785698, 400 pages, $27.95

    Disclaimer: The ARC of this book was given to me by Viking div of Penguin Publishing in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.
  • dobini - invaluable bookI was knocked out by the smart and sensible perspectives offered in these pages. I've been partnered for 10 years now and we've both had excellent individual and couples counseling along the way from before we met and since (we're in late middle age). And still ... I've been bitter and have felt helpless and compromised for the past few years about our sex life together and the ever-dwindling level of intimacy between us. UNTIL I READ THIS BOOK. Wow. We've got a real chance now of changing lifelong patterns that have hurt us throughout our lives and in relationship with each other and a good shot at the "resilient collaborative alliance" (and better sex!) we've both longed for. It'll take courage and effort but this book gave me the hope I've been desperate for. Whether or not we stay together (and I hope we do) chances are good that I'll have benefited substantially because of having read it.