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  • Wendy L. Hines "MindingSpot" - Fans of Matched or the Hunger Games are sure to enjoy The Testing!Cia Vale is honored to one of the very few chosen for The Testing. If she can complete the testing, she will be given the opportunity to attend the University, where she will learn how to lead and bring the country back to a revitalized state. No one has been chosen from her colony in over ten years, this year four are chosen. Knowing she probably won't see her family again, Cia is sad yet excited about her future. She quickly becomes close to Tomas, a boy from her colony and they partner up to get through the Testing together. But Cia is unprepared for the trials and tribulations she is about embark on.

    The Testing starts with over a hundred candidates and it's broken into four parts. The competition is stiff and the pressure is high. If a student fails, they are never seen again. Exhausted, Cia does her best to trust no one like her father told her to, try and keep her wits about her and stop at nothing to succeed. But it is in the fourth testing that makes or the students. A wasteland, they must travel miles and miles to get to the finish line and knowing there are only a few spots for the University, the students will do what ever it takes, even kill, to make sure that slot is theirs.

    I almost read this book in one sitting. It was very hard for me to put down. It's fast paced and the world building is well thought out and riveting. There's a love triangle alluded to but it didn't happen in this installment. I felt that Cia was a strong, complex character who is just coming into her own. There are some unexpected moments and some plot points I look forward to being further examined in the next installment. Fans of Matched or the Hunger Games are sure to enjoy The Testing! With pressure to succeed in our society, The Testing pushes the boundaries on how far someone will go to achieve those goals. I loved it!!
  • nana "nana" - Results of using Align.This product does exactly what it says it will do. My system was out of alignment and I had received some samples of this product. I started taking one tablet a day and found my body responded very well. I feel better, and I have more energy.
    I would recommend this product to anyone in need.
  • Payton - I'm loving the gameYeah, I heard about all the DRM always online, servers down, ect. but the package arrived when it said that it'd get here. I've really been enjoying the game. Played it 4-5 hours the night I got it. I play it on Windows 8 and there's no compatibility issues. I have not encountered any problems with the game yet (server issues, random crashing, ect.). It seems like EA is getting everything sorted out, it did take them a lot longer than it should have, but I think the game is worth the money. I would recommend this product to other. If you can see past all the errors and issues the game had in it's beta and earlier stages then it is definitely worth buying if you are a SimCity fan.