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  • J. D. Chung "LetsGoRedsox" - Good book to just to keep it, even if you can't make it to ParisVery well written with plain language, I really enjoyed reading it before bedtime.
    This book alone is more than enough to plan ahead.

    One thing is that his free-hand maps are not quite accurate in scale, you may have to read "carefully" before you take a walk/ride. you may also want to bring a map book with you when you go there. I personally recommed knopf.

    To defend rick from clowns below who complain about accuracy of "hand-drawn" maps, they are conceprual maps, period. Let them eat cake and relax, ouch...

    PS) If you also bought Rick steves' france, you've notice that the first hundred pages are, well... obviously, a duplicate of this book. I think this book has a little more detail but it kind of doesn't justify the price. If you want to save a few bucks, go straight to rick steves' france. In that way you have most of this book AND the rest of france. Bon boyage!
  • Marie Lloyd - The best spray!We had a bad flea problem and tried a lot of other spays on the market but they didn't work very well.You will also have to use medication for your pets that stop the flea breeding cycle which we had already started and then I bought this spray and it killed the fleas on contact! Even after we got rid of the fleas, we still spray this on carpets, pet bedding and furniture in the warmer months just in case some get in! Yes, I recomment this product!
  • Judy Beleke - Very meaningful, and especially appropriate for this time of year !Wonderful book -- it told a "history" I hadn't read anywhere else -- and I felt a closeness with Jesus I hadn't felt from all the "religious" books. I was also blown away by Amazon's shipping speed, since this book was ordered on a Tuesday and arrived the very next day, Wednesday, with standard shipping!