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  • Hope Harrell - Horrific Struggle! Amazing Faith!Elizabeth Smart experienced so much more than any child should bare. But she never gave up on God. This isn't just a story of her kidnapping and torture. It's a story of faith and perseverance. It shows us that with Christ, we can endure ALL things. He is our comfort. I like to read real life stories of over comers. In this book, Elizabeth Smart gets her victory! Praise The Lord! To God be the Glory!
  • marquistadorous - Everyone with mild to moderately severe acne should be using thisI've struggled with acne for the last 4 or 5 years. For the first year or so, I tried tons stuff from the store, nothing would work. I finally got prescribed clindamycin, and it worked wonders... for about 6 months. I stopped using it after it was so much better, and started again and it didn't really work. About 8 months ago I then got a prescription for erythromycin, and it basically did nothing. I also had started getting pretty bad chest and bacne by this point.

    I was feed up with acne, so finally bought this regimen because of all the amazing things i've heard about it. I followed the regimen pretty closely, and within 2 weeks. my skin was 50% clearer. By about the 4th week, my face was 90% clearer. Basically went from always having on average 10 pimples to having an occasional 1 or 2, usually when the regimen was not strictly followed. It also worked wonders on my chest and back, I'd say about 80% clearer. Truly amazing stuff. Unless you have really severe acne, this will work wonders for you and everybody should be using this, trust me.

    You really do need to use all 3 of these for the best results.

    The cleanser is great. Follow the instructions carefully for the best results. If used alone, it WILL dry out your skin pretty bad.

    The treatment is perfect. It's a huge tube of 2.5% benzo, so you can use large amounts like your supposed to. Again, follow the instructions carefully, rub in gently and use a lot and it WILL work it's magic! I've used tons of 5% and 10% benzol peroxide, and just like it claims, this stuff works waaaay better and is less irritating. Just like the cleanser though, if you use it without the lotion, your skin will get very dry and irritated.

    The lotion is amazing. Smells great, is nice and thin so it goes on easily without having to rub it in, but it's not runny. It moisturizes great too. If you do the first 2 steps perfect, but don't use this moisturizer, your face will be and look very dry and irritated and you probably won't get the best results. Just use everything as directed and you'll love it.