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  • Emily Lemmon - Eczema TreatmentMy daughter is four yrs old and has severe eczema on her arms, hands, legs, and feet. Out of desperation to find the cause, I started to google for information about the causes of eczema. Basically, no one knows the causes or the cure. I prayed about it for many months and was led in the direction that the eczema may be a symptom of a yeast over growth in the intestines. I figured this out by giving her an enema. The eczema cleared up for a week and then returned. I started to research ways to clear a yeast over growth and found this product. I started her on a half packet on Dec.23, 2009. Her die-off was pretty bad. She was extremely itchy and could not sleep. However, VERY SLOWLY, she started to improve. Every 10 days I added another half packet. Each time I added more, she would experience a little die-off, but nothing like the first. Now she is taking three packets a day and her eczema looks great! I have also been giving her digestive enzymes that I bought from GNC, as well as a multi-vitamin. I have really not changed her diet. This product is worth trying for two months atleast. You may get discouraged in the beginning (I did), but keep going. Today is Feb. 23, 2010, and I am so glad that our two months are over. I am going to start limiting her packets to one a day. Just so you know, dear reader, I am a real person. I do not sell this product or work for the company.
  • brad - A mustI don't now what else to say. If you are a medical student you definitely heard the praises of this review book.
  • J. Gerardot - No more sweat ringsI've used this product for a few years on and off. If used properly at night before bed, you can go about your day without worry of embarrassing sweat rings for a week. I will generally reapply after about 5 days if I'm more active. You can also supplement Certain Dri on the 5th day or so to make Sweat Block last a full 7 days without worry.
  • M. Dipaola - A beautifully awesome phone!Having had in the past HTC's, Nokia N81 unlocked(which was my favorite and in my opinion the most advanced at the time, expect for iPhones keyless keyboard) iPhones and Samsung galaxy2. I was in the market for an upgrade. Judging from past experiences and researching and reading reviews...I knew I didn't want another iPhone, as many have said not much innovation thru the years(my Nokia N81 had video calling 6yrs ago even thou no carriers in the USA provided the service)yes some tweaks here and there, yes they are lighter but most definitely more fragile. I see many people walking around with cracked screens especially iPhones and galaxy 3s, the one great thing about the iPhone 3GS was it's build and quality it can take a beating and not break.
    I was very close to purchasing a galaxy 3 nice looking screen good sound better than iphone 5 in my opnion, but something about the build didn't quite convince me so I decided to wait for the Nokia Lumia 920 and check it out (wasn't ever interested in Samsungs Note 2, way to large). I'm glad I waited for the 920 It feels like a premium device it reminds me of the iPhone 3GS great quality, the screen is beautiful, the color options are great(got a yellow one), Windows 8 OS works great for me the live tiles are a breath of fresh air you run you finger along the screen everything has a smooth feel, great speakers, the Nokia apps are great Nokia music pretty much unlimited music, Nokia city lens is an innovative app, Nokia offline GPS app and on are all free. NFC, Yes finally wireless charging, I lost count of how many chargers I've purchased for my Iphone. Last but not least...the camera it's awesome in dark light conditions its like magic you can't believe it, and it shoots great videos as well with image stabilization...having kids this phone is great don't have to worry about carrying a separate camera.
    Some people say the 920 might be on the hefty side, but if you put a case on your phone the weight is about the same, the 920 doesn't need a case checkout the YouTube videos out there.
    The App Store doesn't have nearly as many apps available that you can get on a iPhone or Android stores, but I have most of what I need. The OS is new so more apps will be available soon, I can see the difference in the month I've had the device they've multiplied.
    Some minor things might need to be tweaked with the OS, but I've been getting updates which is good, they seem to be addressing the issues.