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  • Robnel - LOVE THIS SONY CONSOLE!!By far, this is the best system I ever owned, I had just an issue with the controller not getting charge but gave me a 60$ credit to buy another controller, the system itself its beautyfull and I think Sony will keep improving this system throughout the years, because its potencial is amazing! Everything worked like a charm, I first plugged in to my 40 inches LCD Sony tv and it didn't worked, then I plugged it into my 23 inches Samsung tv and it worked, I ran the software update and the system was updated without any drama, then I plugged it again to my main TV and it worked! I'm enjoying this stunning graphics and hopefully this short review will help somebody else!
  • John R Sinton - Your Dermatologist will hate thisWhat I have found is that my dermatologist could not help me with my condition, the standard medical view is that they don't know what causes it, and don't know how to treat it. This book works, it is that simple. For the cost of the purchase price, it is a godsend to me.
  • A Noyes - Never leave home without it!I was visiting my dad's house last summer and needed a place for my daughter to eat. I purchased this chair based on online reviews alone and had it shipped to meet us there. A.MAZING! From the second I secured it to my dad's table, I knew I made a smart decision. My daughter was incredibly happy to be at the table with the rest of us and was very comfortable. I was nervous at first that she was just clamped there and her little legs were swinging in the air, but it's very sturdy. One of the best features of this chair is attaching it to a booth while at a restaurant. Now my daughter sits on the inside, away from servers refilling water glasses and delivering hot food to the table. She is out of the aisle of their walkway as well. I also purchased the Summer Infant Tiny Diner, which I roll up and leave in the carrying case with the chair. The chair folds up flat and I leave it in the trunk of my car, so I am never worried on where my daughter is going to sit when we eat. The fabric is removable from the frame and can be tossed right in the washer. I love this chair; it's perfect!
  • Sharon Bedwell - A must read for everyone.God bless you, Sarah Palin. It makes my heart smile to know that there is at least one politician out there who loves and serves The Lord. Thank you for writing about your faith in the only true God of this universe.

    I recommend this as a read for everyone.

    May the entire human race recognize the truth of CHRISTmas.