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  • J. Checkal "Linda Simon, Conscious Intention ... - My back is feeling better already!My back is feeling better already & I have just started to practice some of the great tips in this remarkable book. One of the first things that struck me was that all those times my grandmother told me to "stand up straight" and "stop slumping" were really right on target.

    I love my chiropractor, but this book will help me to keep myself in better shape in-between visits as well as keeping me from having so many problems. I found I can open Esther Gokhale's book to any page and just start reading and doing what is suggested.

    An added bonus is also the many colorful pictures. Every technique is also illustrated fully and easily understood either through the wording or the pictures alone I showed this book to both my chiropractor and my acupuncturist and they both are now recommending it to some of their clients.

    Want to feel better? Then you need to have this book on your night stand to use every day!
  • Gay A. Farrar - GOOD RESOURCE!!As the manager of medical transcription at a clinic, my transcriptionists choose this book as their "go-to" book for pharmaceuticals. Very good resource! Waiting to see if a 2013 edition comes out as I order this for my staff.
  • Kalcardo - Love my Transformer PrimeI wasn`t sure whether I should buy an Ipad or the Transformer Prime and since I am not a fan of touchscreen keyboards, I have decided to get the Transformer and the keyboards.
    Best decision I've ever done ;) Love both... very small, light and the transformer tablet itself is just amazing! Love Android system!
    This seller is also great, delivered as promised ;)
  • Stephen - One of the bestThis is honestly a no-brainer 5 star book. I can get the negatives right out of the way...there you go, that was it. There are no negatives! What is not to like? It is dark, mysterious and driven by emotion. It is so somber, but then riveting. McCarthy is a writing genius and I will try to limit his praises. It is an apocalyptic novel that surrounds a father and son. The relationship of the father and son is the most fascinating element. McCarthy takes a strong setting and makes it an afterthought. I don't know how he does it. The world is in ashes, yet you are completely focused on these two characters. I would recommend this to any parents. It is truly a marvel. The writing is so good that it is difficult to describe. It is a journey across the country with no hope at all through the book. I suppose that would be the criticism. There is not much to smile about, but you are rooting for the father and son to not only survive, but to overcome their emotions and to grow closer to each other. This is McCarthy's masterpiece.