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  • Cute Chihuahua - I love my Café Latte machine and I use it daily. I only wish it was dishwasher safe.I love my coffee and I and I am always looking for something new to try. I especially love my coffee with chocolate, whether in a mocha, frappe or latte. I already have the Mr. Coffee Frappe maker and I have enjoyed it for about the last year. So when I saw that they were coming out with a Latte machine I was very excited. This Latte maker comes with a small recipe book that contains 20 recipes. 14 of them are coffee recipes, 3 of them are tea recipes and the other 3 are hot chocolate recipes. In about 5 minutes you can make about two, one cup servings. You add your coffee or espresso and your water to the top of the machine. Your milk and other ingredients like chocolate or vanilla are added to the pitcher. Then you turn it on the latte function and pull down the lever to start it. It will heat and froth the milk and then it will brew your coffee and combine it into the pitcher. You can make a single serving or a double serving. It makes a better froth when you make only one serving at a time. When you make a double serving the milk level is higher and the frother isn't quite as effective but it's still good either way. The process takes about 4-5 minutes total. The machine uses small 4 cup filters that can be purchased at any grocery store or you can purchase a Mr. Coffee permanent filter but it is not included with this machine. My one and only complaint about this machine is that it's not dishwasher safe. You can put the coffee filter basket in the dishwasher but not the pitcher or lid. Luckily it's very easy to clean as long as you don't let it sit for long.

    This machine looks very nice and is well made. It is backed by a 1 year limited warranty and I know that they honor their warranty. I also own a Mr. Coffee Frappe maker and pitcher broke. They mailed me a entire new machine no questions asked and I was very happy with their customer service.

    I have enjoyed trying different recipes but the chocolate latte recipe is my favorite. With some practice you just might find that you prefer making your own latte to your favorite coffee house. This latte maker is a little costly but I love it and have used it nine of the last ten days straight so it's well worth it to me.
  • Rick Shaq Goldstein "*SHAQ*" - RICK "SHAQ" GOLDSTEIN SAYS: "HE LOOKED LIKE A GUY WHOSE SKIN WAS UNCOMFORTABLE WITH HAVING HIM IN IT"Comedian Artie Lange's follow-up to his best seller "Too Fat To Fish" could best be described as a demoralizing tragi-comedy... with less emphasis on comedy. The life that Artie has lived... especially since his last book... to be blunt... is a demoralizing... despicable... appalling... loathsome... detestable... waste of human life. To say he was addicted... would be akin to saying that if you were standing on a beach when a tsunami hit... you might get a few drops of water on your shoes. To the author's credit... other than a few self-deprecating jokes and a few "busting-balls" comments about other people... he doesn't try to paint his journey to a thousand levels below hell... as a sexy... sex-drugs-and-rock-and-roll... life of envy. The amounts and types of drugs he inhaled is staggering. Many times the reader will literally step back from the book and say... many times... in different sequences...

    How has Artie not died?... How has Artie not died numerous times?

    And thank the Lord that Artie never killed anyone with all the car accidents and insanity behind the wheel... when he drove... while in such a condition that he shouldn't have been allowed to operate a tooth brush... for fear of him accidentally killing himself while trying to brush his teeth. Come to think of it... maybe that's why he would go so long without showers... shaving... and other cleansing type endeavors. He has also been blessed with some people such as his sainted Mother and sister... and friend Colin Quinn... who refused to give up trying to straighten out and save Artie's life. There is a special place in heaven for them.
    Lange's life of debauchery will lead you from one blackout to another... and finally to intensive care units... psych wards... and mental institutions. Artie blows threw money for drugs... booze... hookers... and gambling while making literally millions of dollars a year... and sometimes $100,000.00 in one night. Again... I give accolades to the author regarding his honesty about the fact that being an alcoholic drug addict encompasses not only tons of drugs and booze... but also the unfettered ability to lie about anything and everything... to everybody you come in contact with... twenty-four-hours-a-day.

    And then... there's the moment in time... that all addicts face... when you unceremoniously hit rock bottom!... when Artie did... it was like a sonic boom... on top of the drugs...

    "I got up off my couch, went to the closet where my maid keeps her supplies, and got a bottle of *CLOROX BLEACH*. I went back to the couch, sat down, removed the cap, and took a swig. I did this four times, thinking that bleach was so toxic it would get me high then make me pass out." ... Then he went to the kitchen and got the biggest chef's knife he had... and started stabbing himself!

    By the end of the book... after multiple rehabs... psych wards... mental institutions... and yes... more drugs... Artie now clean and sober has a cable talk show.

    This book... which includes perhaps the most disgusting bathroom experience in history on a private jet... among other nauseating descriptions... is not always easy to read... but it is definitely a "scared-straight" book for people who think drug and alcohol abuse by entertainment personalities is all glamour.
  • M. Marlene Alexander - Filling in the blanks preceding the death of Jesus in an open, non-judgmental way.I thought this book was excellent. In choosing the title, it didn't limit other religions from reading it. It is an unbiased account of the life of Jesus from the perspective of a great biographer accounting the life of any great prophet or life-changer. As a Christian, I learned many things I hadn't thought about regarding the events leading up to Jesus' crucifixion. Although for me, He is the Son of God, our Creator, you don't need to hold that belief to glean knowledge from this book.
  • Ronald H. Clark - Volume II of the Wolf Hall TrilogyThis is the second volume of a projected trilogy of novels by Hilary Mantel. The first volume, "Wolf Hall," won the Man Booker prize, and for good reason (see my Amazon review). This continuation maintains the high standards found in the best of historical fiction novels. While I don't think it is essential to have read "Wolf Hall" before reading this volume, I do think it is extremely helpful to have done so.

    Mantel exhibits many virtues in these two books. Her research is impeccable and this is crucial; to write effective historical fiction an author needs to have a solid grasp of the historical record. Moreover, she is superb in constructing dialogues between the central character, Thomas Cromwell, and the other key actors in the story: Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, and various other folks. This is something that the finest British novels and, especially, plays (e.g., John Osborne) manifest: powerful, hard-hitting dialogue. Mantel's scenes between Cromwell and his principal antagonist, Thomas More, in the prior volume, were as powerful as those written by Robert Bolt in "A Man For All Seasons," and that is saying a lot.

    My only complaint is that Mantel frequently identifies Cromwell simply as "he," and assumes the reader can keep it straight. Though, on occasion, she fills it out: "he, Cromwell" (p. 391). I would add one additional "want," not a criticism: I would have preferred more extensive coverage of the trials of Anne Boleyn and her co-defendants. Mantel's mastery of dialogue would have made the exchanges therein highly exciting.

    Otherwise, this book is an additional 400 pages (we are up to 1,000 between the two) of absorbing story. Cromwell displays a bit more of the behavior that has made him somewhat an historical villain, as he ascends up the pecking order to reach the lofty level of Baron. Of course, given his co-characters, such conduct would almost seem a necessity. The focus of this second volume is Cromwell's successful campaign to indict and convict Anne Boleyn for "treason," and thereby have her executed and removed from blocking Henry VIII's desire to marry Jane Seymour. The crafty Cromwell will face a more dangerous time, I am sure, in the final volume as new and old enemies conspire to bring him down. I can hardly wait!
  • Dr. Cardinal "Cardinal Bound!!!!" - Welcome to hell ll!!!!!This book take place in the shadow of civilization. After the collapse, one father is forced to take care of his son and protect him from all that is wrong in the world. In doing so, the father is forced to confront many situations in which it would be easier and more efficacious to do the wrong thing. Instead, the father does the right thing in each situation regardless of the difficulty involved. He did so because he thought it important to keep the illusion that good was alive for his son during these difficult times. All of this is presented in a book that is readable and entertaining. It moves quickly and is never slow. I suggest you get it and reading a book that will challenge you to think about what you would do in such a situation.