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  • Fred U Guventurk - Sugar controlI have severe sugar fluctuation. I used to carry food so I won't get sugar crash. I tried few different brands.
    Some were good but some just didn't do anything. This is one of the brand that working well. instead of 1000 mg I got 500 mg and using it 3 times a day. I stopped cholesterol and triglyceride medication to avoid side effects. After 3 months I had to start
    medication again but using garcinia cambogia 500mg once or twice a day. Some people are afraid to use medication together with garcinia cambogia. I have to use it together because can't handle sugar crash anymore.
    Update:10/8/2013 Still taking statin and niaspan. I am not able to take more than 2 500 mg garcina cambogia a day. Otherwise getting palpitations and severe exhaustion. one Am and second one around 2 pm is keeping my hunger and sugar level in control. I am not experiencing the headaches and disorientation due to hunger and sugar crash. No medication will work this good to control your sugar and sugar craving.
  • Monica - Best ProbioticI really like Align and use it every other day with great results! I've read a lot about probiotics and this is one of the only products with science behind them, that has actually publish their data. The pill is a capsule that has an ok size and it is tasteless and easy to swallow vs. some of the other probiotics.
  • I. P. Frehley "Nightoddity" - Simply awesome...I actually haven't read this book. I just think it's simply awesome that someone chose to write an expose about the telecom industry! Seriously, I mean it costs mere pennies to transmit a message from Earth to Mars, yet AT&T (for example) charges $.20 to send a text message on Earth!

    In an article on extremetech dot com, they say that "...Verizon Wireless and AT&T will both charge $0.20 per text message if you don't buy a texting plan from them. Even at a more conservative pricing of five cents per message, that means the carriers are charging around $383,000 per gigabyte. By comparison, the total cost for the Mars Global Surveyor to send a gigabyte back to Earth, is only $284,000. This includes the $200 million cost of launching the satellite, and nine years of operational costs incurred by its NASA crew. That's right -- it costs US tax payers $99,000 less to send a gigabyte of data from Mars than it does for cellphone users to send a gigabyte worth of 160 character text messages.

    Rick Falkvinge's math shows that it would take 7.67 million text messages to make up a gigabyte. That may sound like a lot, but consider that in the US alone we have over 300 million cellphones in use as of this past June. Worldwide, we have over six billion mobile phones in operation. That's a lot of potential text messages. After doing some rough calculations about what it actually costs telcos to transfer data, Falkvinge comes up with a shocking 15,000,000,000% markup on text messages. That's a tough pill to swallow even at a tiny fraction of the current markup."

    The information above just comes from a website, I'll bet this book has a lot more interesting information. I'll have to read it when I have time!

    Super interesting stuff... if this book even comes close to that degree of expose', it's no wonder paid consultants for the Telecoms are giving this book poor reviews!
  • T. Linder "5th beatle" - don't let the first listen scare you offAnimals is not an animal, its a monster. Three epic legnth masterpieces sandwhiched between two very non-floyd sounding accoustic numbers.

    The first time I heard this, I liked it, although I probably would of given it a 3 out of five, after many more listens, I got the hang of it, and its now one of my all time favorites, the social commentary is just genious on Waters' part, and Dave's bass lines are haunting.

    The three giant songs all sound pretty alike, so I don't really have a favorite, if I did, I'd say Pigs, but as I said, its better viewed as one giant piece of musics or a three act rock opera then three different songs

    Animals might not be the Floyd's most all around perfect or easy to get into album, and it might not be the most famous, but it is in a leauge of its own, one of the greats, only shadowed by "Dark Side" as the Floyd's best work, if you don't own this, pick it up, the music is simply awe inspiring and genre bending. It's not the Floyd you know from Dark Side or WUWH, but its a masterpiece all the same.