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  • bookbug - Love this game!Oh gosh, I don't know where to begin. I've been waiting for a new SimCity game for awhile now... I have to admit I've never played the older versions (I grew up on 'The Sims' games). I was one of the many constantly checking for news and updates about this game for 5 months before it was released. I was in love! Okay, so lets get to the part everyone's worried about - online. Since the release I'm pleased to say I've been up all night playing it alone with minor server problems(randomly quits- but my city is saved and no harm done but having to load up the game again. Happened around 3 times within the 8+ hours I was playing) The problem is being able to play private games with my family. It wont register when my friends are "online" or even on my friends list at all (yes, invisible setting was turned 'OFF') I've found a way around it by making a public map and just have my family and I claiming all the cities as soon as I can before strangers get a chance to enter... and even then there are SO many public maps you can join it'd be a slim chance someone would find your map before your friends/family. All in all, the servers are no doubt a bit tricky at times but that is NO REASON to rate this game so low, I'd give it 10/10 stars if I could! All the new online games have sketchy servers at first along with plenty of maintenance patches and server queues, but trust me when I tell you those things WILL and CAN be fixed! Don't turn away this incredible game so quick, you'll regret it! My best advice to anyone on the fence about this game, it's well worth the wait, and the money (however the digital deluxe edition could be 10$ less...) Expect server problems the first week or two. And prepare to have no life, for this game sucks you in and you'll forget what day it is!

    Happy Gaming! <3
  • Oleeve - Medical School Admission RequirementsThis book is very informative giving the detailed requirements for admission to medical school. It's a must read for any pre-med student. No regrets!
  • Billy Boy - Compelling storytelling by way of structureOn a basic level, the Beautiful Ruins is about lives and loves and loss and redemption and all the great universal themes. However, the novel avoids generalizations as to genre because the distinct stories of each main character are told in a voice consistent with that person's role in the story at that particular time. Some explanation is needed. By alternating chapters featuring each main character at various times in his or her life, the author is able to tailor the tone of that chapter as needed to enhance the story. When set in a small fishing village in Italy, the poignant tale of the love smitten young boy Pasquale is told with the conservative language and wistful mood of that culture. In contrast, a fast paced, hip style delineates Michael Deane, an amusing and often hilarious caricature of a bombastic, conniving, back stabbing Hollywood producer. Other character have their own unique style.

    Along the way, we even get a portrayal of the great Liz Taylor/Richard Burton romance on the set of Cleopatra (remember?) and an accounting of the failed Donner expedition (you have to read the book to know why!).

    The aspiring b-list actress Dee Mornay, who captivates young Pasquale, is the common thread that allows the story to end in a clever and satisfying way.

    This book was first promoted as a summer beach read, but I finished it on the last day of winter and still recommend it as something more.
  • buttercup - So very glad I got this!!!As a PC person for over 25 years, I finally switched to Mac - but I can't leave MS Office!
    I've looked at a few of the offerings on Mac, but there really is nothing else like office - and it is used by Everyone.
    My workplace is stuck in the dark ages - Windows XP and Office 2003.
    And, my PC that died this past spring was on Office 2000 (?).
    So, I'm still getting used to the new features and surely haven't started to use most of them.
    But it does work great for me.
  • - THIS BOOK IS PURE ENTERTAINMENT!!!I was one of the lucky ones to get my hands on an advanced copy and tore right into it. The plot and characters are more plausible than recent Stephanie Plum plots and is as good, if not better than, "One for the money". The only drawback is that I'll be disappointed when I see it on the bookstore shelves and realize I've already read it. If only Janet could crank 'm out faster.......