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Country: North America, US, United States

City: 75244 Dallas, Texas

  • MetalManTN - Outstanding OS!I have given this OS a five star rating for the following reasons: much faster overall; can do anything and everything that Windows 7 could do; new user interface is fast, simple, and intuitive once learned; apps developed specifically for Win 8 look beautiful on screen, etc... I could go on and on. The main problem most folks seem to have with this OS is getting used to the new user interface, but for those who are willing to accept change and try to learn it will find that it actually works very well. I am running this on an MSI laptop with an AMD E350 APU. Startup times on this laptop with Win 7 were typically around 90 seconds. When installing Win 8 I also installed a SSD, so a lot of the improvement in my bootup time is attributable to the SSD, but a lot is also attributable to the new OS. That said, the AMD E350 coupled with an SSD can fully boot Win 8 in under 10 seconds! Keep in mind I am talking about from being completely shut down it boots in under 10 seconds, and for those who don't know the AMD E350 is a fairly weak processor. From sleep mode it resumes almost instantly. This is incredibly useful when I am in my truck and need to look something up quickly.

    Connecting the laptop to my 50" Plasma via HDMI cable couldn't be easier. Win 8 auto detected the display, I was able to adjust the resolution to my liking, and that was it. That process was only necessary the very first time I connected to the TV. Now, I simply connect the HDMI to the laptop and it instantly "just works" on the TV. No crazy configuration of drivers necessary (at least for the hardware I'm using), make this OS such a delight to use.

    The Store app is starting to become populated with many quality apps, many of which are free. Live tiles, in my opinion, are useful and are a leap forward from traditional static icons. I like the information that many of the live tiles provide mainly because it saves me for actually having to open the app in the first place (another time-saver that this OS provides). Windows 8 also has the most powerful search feature of any Windows in that it searches literally everything for you, and this includes your hard-disk, sky-drive, even your apps such as google, internet explorer, wikipedia, etc... The best part about this search feature is that you don't have to do ANYTHING to access it if you are on the Start screen; simply start typing and it automatically puts what you're typing into search. If you happen to be anywhere other than the Start screen (at the desktop, or in an app), simply hitting the windows key returns you to the start screen without closing any of the programs/apps you were using. The search function can also be launched at anytime by pressing windows key + Q at any time.

    For all the power users out there that miss the traditional control panel, file explorer, run command, and more... press Windows key + X, or the same menu can be accessed by moving the mouse pointer to the bottom-left corner of the screen and right-clicking. How easy is that?

    For all those who really really think they need the start button, there are multiple apps that are completely free which put the start button back on the desktop in all of its glory. I actually tried it out myself for a while, and it was indeed just like the Windows 7 start button, but I actually ended up removing it because I like being able to hit the windows key and have it take me back to the new Start screen rather than the old-school start button menu.

    While I could go on and on about how much I like this OS, and I've been using PCs since the days of the Apple II and DOS, I'll just conclude by saying that this is by far the best OS I've ever used. It is incredibly fast, very user friendly (when you take the time to learn the new system), and even those who don't want to adopt the new user interface can do so by simply adding a free start button app. Don't be afraid to upgrade. Go get Win 8 while it's still being sold at a discount (price will rise significantly Jan. 31).
  • Andrea Voss - Love it, love it, love it!!!!I never write reviews but I felt compelled to share my experience with everyone. I used to be extremely self conscience about my acne and weight. I have literally tried everything but nothing ever worked. My friend told me about uranium and she was right, I have been drinking it in small doses over the last month and even though i can no longer see, people tell me I look sick! What up???? . I have also lost a total of 200 pounds! Thanks Uranium!!!
  • Justin - Great Value - Perfect for a NYC ApartmentLiving in NYC means obsessing over space-saving products that still deliver quality performance.

    The Yamaha YST-SW012 8" sub definitely does not fall short of that.
    Hooked up to a Yamaha 5.1 setup, this subwoofer works perfectly in a living room that runs about 16' x 14'.

    The bass isn't the clearest but for the price tag, I have yet to hear a better sounding subwoofer.
  • Need me some tunes - Go to keeper, go directly to keeper...Others have summarized the plot, leaving me to say that some writers give you excellent historical detail in palatable, even clever doses. Others have great dramatic flare, knowing just when and how to twist the external plot. Still others give us wonderful character arcs, with our protags making a long, hard, riveting climb from self-absorbed and un-self-aware to hero and heroine status, self-aware enough to love passionately and responsibly. Loretta Chase wraps it all in one book, and tops it off with lovely prose, and she does this book after book. "Silk is for Seduction" delivers a terrific read from every angle. The character arcs in particular show us two people who still have some maturing to do, and they inspire each other to do it beautifully. I scarfed this book up and can't wait for the remaining two books of the trilogy.