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  • C. McColm - Excellent Shifters by SRAMAs SRAM is fond of saying, I "made the leap" and switched from Shimano to SRAM. My previous setup employed Ultegra (6700) shifters, a Dura-Ace (7800) front derailleur, and an Ultegra (6700) rear derailleur. The DA derailleur was great, even lighter than my new SRAM Force one, but the Ultegra shifters were a little finicky at times as was the rear derailleur. Sometimes I would experience "ghost shifting" as the chain would hop on the cassette and it was hard to get the whole setup properly aligned (and easy to get it out of alignment).

    The SRAM Force on my bike is great now and very easy to install with only a couple adjustments needed on a "shakedown ride." The derailleur cables and brake cables are high quality on the Force shifters and the Double Tap shifting is very precise and accurate. From my experience, the Force shifters are not much different than Red shifters--except for a few grams and about $100+.

    I would highly recommend SRAM Force shifters to anyone looking to outfit their bike with quality components. Thanks!
  • Amazonian "Amazonian" - Be glad when there is a generic version of thisThis is the only product that reliably works! Problem is they are milking it for all it is worth - good luck running into the drugstore and not paying $17 bucks for it. . Buy it, your wallet will be glad you did.