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  • Baby D's Mom - It worked for meI have two indoor cats and have been feeding an outdoor stray who managed to sneak into the house and share his fleas. Fleas love me so I was getting new bites every day and was very concerned for my infant son (who managed not to get bit...thank goodness). I did not want to use toxic sprays or foggers in my home, so at first I was trying to control the problem simply by using a flea comb and one of the popular monthly flea treatments on the cats (including the stray), washing all of the cats' bedding, my bedding, throw rugs, etc. and vacuuming like crazy every day. Those steps helped me control the fleas but not eliminate them. The vet told me until I killed the fleas living in the carpet the problem would continue. So I went on the search for a natural, non-toxic spray or powder to use on my carpeting and found this product. I sprayed this on all of my carpeting throughout the house as well as my throw rugs and cat bedding even though I had already washed them. I also sprayed throw pillows and furniture (e.g. my couch) that would not be harmed by the liquid. This product left no stains, watermarks or discoloration when I used it as directed and sprayed a light mist.

    Be warned that this product has a very strong scent but not a bad one. If you are trying to get rid of fleas before guests arrive, you'll want to use this at least 2-3 days ahead of time...that's about how long it took for the scent to completely dissipate.

    Within a couple days of using this product the flea problem was completely eliminated. I have not seen a flea since and it has been three months. I can't say whether or not this product would be right for someone who has a more dire flea infestation but it worked just fine for my situation. I continue to use a monthly flea treatment on the cats to prevent re-infestation.
  • Wolfqueen - confusion? ????Im very confused right now. I got this product about 3 weeks ago. And around second week got cramps. Was very excited for my periods are non existant and im 21yrs old. I use to have normal periods but went swimming and they stopped. They stopped for five years until i drank parsley tea then they came for a while then stopped. Until i took vitex and they came last year 2011 before they stopped again in Dec. Havent had one since. But then FERTILAID! it has given me cramps for a week and 1/2. But now they stopped!!!! I didnt get a period just cramps and yesterday 1/17/12 the cramps stoped. Im still taking pills because they gave me cramps but now hopeful they just need time to get into system.
    Even though they habent worked yet the syill did SOMETHING so im happy and would recommend them to anyone. Doing something is better than nothing in my book.

    Has anyone.elsebhad this problem?
  • Kristen A. - FANTASTIC! A BETTER shake than the much more expensive complete nutrition shakes..I opted for this meal replacement because I couldn't afford shakology (I'm a broke college student). I am SOOO glad I chose this one instead of forking out $120. You can see and taste the raw nutrition in this mix. I think the most important thing to know before you purchase this supplement is that it will not be very tasty if you just mix it with water or milk, but then again it's healthy because they don't add all of those artificial flavors and sweeteners, so it's a good thing it tastes the way it does. I had to tweek it the first few times I made it to get the right taste. The recipe I use is as followed:

    -4oz Pineapple mango v8 fusion green teaV-8 V-Fusion Plus + Tea, Pineapple Mango with Green Tea, 46 oz. (Pack of 8)
    -4oz Acai berry mix v8 fusionV8 Fusion Juice, Acai Mixed Berry, 46-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 8)
    -1 scoop RAW meal
    -top with water
    -shake it all up in a 16oz shaker bottle and go!

    WW pointsplus: 6
    Total calories: 215

    I only use one scoop because the scooper that comes in the container is huge and I like to have 2 drinks a day as snacks, not meals. BTW, it's so good when you mix it like this. If you're trying to incorporate dairy into your diet, I have used skim milk instead of water and it tastes like a smoothie!

    I absolutely love the energy this gives me and I can tell a huge difference in my digestive health. I have been doing weight watchers and with this supplement, I have lost 9 lbs in the past 5 weeks. I go to school on a big campus and my ankles used to swell like crazy walking everywhere, but I haven't been retaining any water since I've started drinking this. It's amazing what adding more fiber and veggies to your diet can do! I usually drink one in the morning and one when I get home from class and it really fills me up. One thing that I noticed was my complexion has really cleared up since I've started drinking RAW. I will continue to buy this product!
  • DrKotoh - I LOVE My Sodastream!!First things first, I did not buy this machine myself. I won it at a company raffle and to be honest, I probably would not have purchased one myself. That being said, after using it for the last three months on an almost daily basis, it is now one of my favorite kitchen appliances.

    The best positive for me is that I no longer have to buy and carry soda cans and bottles from the store. It may not seem like much but for a person who drinks about one can of soda per day, it does really save time and energy.

    Secondly, no need to go recycle cans/bottles and deal with the douchebags at the recycling centers! I hated those guys. They never showed up to work on time, they took extra long lunches, and their scales were always inaccurate so that I never received the full value of my cans back.

    Thirdly, I no longer have to keep soda in the fridge at all times and keep them ready for drinking. All I do is get water from my Brita filter, chill it with ice from the freezer and I have ice cold soda in five minutes. It saves so much space in the fridge and for all I know, I may even be saving on electricity by having a less-full fridge.

    As for negatives about this machine, the main one I could think of it the expensive replacement bottles that cost about $10 each. However, I have been using the same bottle for about three months and they still look very good. Hopefully I'll be able to use them for another six months or so.

    I love my Sodastream!
  • broncofan07 "broncofan07" - Quickbooks Makes Business Life So Much EasierI have been using Quickbooks since 2004 and I love this program more and more with every new edition! Quickbooks Pro is very easy to use and allows small (and medium) size businesses the freedom to spend more time doing things that will increase their business and less time on the accounting part. We love the fact we can integrate our banking into the program so we can get up to the minute information. We love that the price is always reasonable. Fantastic!