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  • David - Alaska - Milepost Travel PlannerI purchased this book because I was going to rent a car and drive around Alaska. Instead, I took a cruise through the inland passage - beautiful beyond belief.

    I used this book to get the best use of my time in Ketchikan, Juneau, and Skagway because it is so detailed.

    The cruise ship does not explain all the options because they sell offshore trips. I was able to book a Whale watching tour from a local operator, not the cruise lines, which was a smaller boat with a lot less people for less money. They took us very close to the whales and were very concerned about the wild life (

    In Skaguay, we booked the train ride on the White Pass &Yukon Route. Being that we booked it from home before going on the curise, we got to ride the train up and down the mountain and not the cruise line one way ride.

    If you are going to spend some time in Alaska this book would really help you.
  • RND - AMAZING product once setupAs with some of the other reviews, I completely agree that this product is fantastic. The video feed is clear (only about a 1-2 second delay) whether day or night. It's great the have the versatility to view from a phone, computer, tablet without any additional charges or gimmicks. The audio pick-up is extremely powerful as well. I was afraid of two things: 1) the video feed would keep breaking and 2)the audio would not be heard, but both these fears have been unfounded thus far. I also like how you can "close" the iPad app but still have audio running (becomes a default audio monitor).

    I initially wanted to rate this product as a 4* one because the only downside is that you do need some help setting it up completely (I would recommend setting something-up with customer service). However, I changed my mind to rate it 5*s because the customer service experience was easy, smooth, and flawless and I am all set. I put in a ticket online at the WIFIbaby web site, someone contacted me within a few hours to schedule a time and on the appointed day remotely took care of everything for me. It now works like a charm and we're considering purchasing a second cam.

    Expensive, but definitely worth it.
  • Susan Hornbach - Need To HaveIf you are writing and submitting Christian content, this is the book you need on your shelf. An up to date market of where to submit is priceless. It saves you time, and points you in the right direction for acceptance. It helps to not only save you time by getting where you need to go, but also it doesn't waste the time of a busy editor who need not read submissions that don't pertain to his/her publication. It's inexpensive and well worth adding to your reference shelf. The last step in preparing your submission, is knowing where to send it.