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  • I. D. M. - Love this vacuum!!I have owned several $40-50 vacuums before I bought this one. They always worked great the first months and then the suction would decrease. That's why I wanted to wait before reviewing this item. I bought it about 9-10 months ago and so far it still has great suction. I hope it will last a few more years! There's a few smaller things that bug me, such as it doesn't have a retractable cord but I can live with that as long as it vacuums well!
  • S. J. Anzaroot - Makes a Great Soup!I told my doctor it was totaly worth it. He called my later and agreed.
  • Mario B. - scary realThe road is a gripping saga of end times.
    It gives the reader a chilling look at what will possibly happen through the eyes of a loving and determined father and his young son. A very believable story line makes the reader feel that
    you are traeling with the two during this unique journey. A MUST Read.