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  • Tekus "The Chaos Within..." - Yes its worth it...I never considered myself a fan of Symantec products but this particular version of AV software is good for the money The program itself integrates well with Windows OS but I feel is often lacking in flexibility as other AV software out there. I think this is both good and bad since many users are happy with a system that works to protect them instead of having a system they have to work 'on' to configure.
  • T. Certain "TCertain" - TF201 is awesomeI have never owned a tablet, but in playing around with an IPad my daughter-in-law owned, I decided to purchase one. When I mentioned that I was going to purchase a tablet my daughter said she had a Nook, but that a friend had a TF201 and he told her it was better than the IPad that his daughter had. So I went with this. I have nothing but good things to say about this tablet. I had read on the web that the IPad has better apps, better display, better this and better that, but if you use a browser that is not the built in one, you get a display just like you do on a laptop. I love this tablet and have nothing but praise so far. I have only had it a week though. I just ordered a screen protector and case and stylus for it also. So I will add to the reviews as time goes along.

    Thanks Amazon, you have great prices and offer great products, keep up the good work!
  • treewhisperer "me" - The most amazing product!I am amazed at the ingenuity of this product.

    It is a super-food combination with dried fruits and vegetable and only stevia as an added sweeter. If that wasn't enough it is very high in protein from spouts and some of the superfoods. Also a hefty dose of fiber and green foods.

    It is so clean and healthy. I think the taste is fine for the regular, but the cacao is great just with water. I am never without it and I will never go back to processed protein powder.

    leave it to garden of Life to conjure up this fantastic product that can also be used as a meal replacement. Enjoy!
  • Martini Maven - An early holiday present for Pendergast fans.Preston and Child's wonderful creations never disappoint. Half the fun is absorbing the seemingly endless collection of interesting facts laced throughout the stories. The true joy, however, is once again sharing an adventure with the stoic Agent Pendergast and his associates. Highly recommended for your winter reading pleasure.