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  • Brian B. "Casual Reader" - A must have for the ACTMy son loved this book and he is not easy to impress. We bought the book written by the company that writes and adminsiters the ACT and it did not help. This book gives you a game plan on how to take the test and if you get stuck or have problems, how to still answer the questions and maybe score a few more points. My son was very confident going to take the test after preparing with this book.
  • lici - ThankfulI've been trying to conceive for a few years. Honestly, I thought something was wrong with me even after the doctors said there wasn't. A friend of mine gave me fertilaid (these same exact pills). I took them for a month 3 times a day and i found out was pregnant 5 weeks later. I do recommend them!!! Good luck
  • Mike - Waco, TX - Works PerfectlyI have been using for over a week with no issues. I have used on a new 3.0 usb port with various 3.0 and 2.0 devices connected to the hub, including wireless mouse, with no issues. I have also tried on an older machine with only a 2.0 usb - no issues as well. This product is as advertised so far. I am very pleased.
  • jacques0 - My results = excellent!I bought these off of the infomercial (sorry Amazon, but I support you also) and I am completely happy with them. I purchased the 10" pan and opted for the 12" pan w/ upcharge in place of the free second pan. I couldn't be happier with the performance. My previous non-stick pan was beginning to peel and I wanted a non-stick pan mainly for making French-style omelettes. I seasoned the pans the same way I season my cast iron cookware and I have had excellent results ever since.

    Anything I cook in either pan slides around the pan just as they show on the infomercial. I am careful not to use sharp edges on the ceramic but, at the same time, I don't baby it. Making omelettes, I use the back side of a fork, Jacques Pepin style, and they turn out great.

    I use the 12" pan more for Italian cooking, tossing pasta and sauces together and I am happy here as well.

    If anything happens to change my opinion, I'll keep you informed. So far, all is good.