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  • William C. Etter "Christ Follower" - Kaspersky Internet SecurityI recently purchased Kaspersky Internet Security software. By buying it thru Amazon, it was a great value.

    It keeps my computer protected. I have used it in the past. Much better than other anti-virus products I have used. Can use it on 3 computers. Have it on my desk top and laptop.
  • Kevin Floore - When Pigs FlyAnimals is my favorite Pink Floyd album because it has so many dimensions. This is an album that one could sit and think about for hours or listen to while mopping the kitchen floor. Animals is a short album, only five songs and under forty-five minutes long, but contains more genius in the lyrics and music than most of today's ninety minute compilation discs. The thought-provoking lyrics and songs in Animals show Roger Waters at his creative best, while the guitar and other music in the album show the talents of Dave Gilmour and the rest of Pink Floyd.
    To call anything Pink Floyd made "underrated" is unfair. The band was one of the most popular groups of the seventies, and holds two albums on the Top Twenty Best Selling Albums of all time. However, Animals never got the public press it deserved, mainly due to the fact that none of the songs off the album could be played on the radio as singles. The five songs on the album are either under two minutes or more than ten, which does not appeal to everyone. Also, this album came between the two of the band's biggest albums, Wish You Were Here and The Wall. The production of Animals rivals that of Dark Side of the Moon, and Animals is an excellent example of Pink Floyd's creative and musical genius, which can be seen just by looking in the liner note artwork.
    The signature of Pink Floyd, however, is not their notoriety but their music. Animals contains five brilliant songs that with masterful guitar and drums and thought provoking lyrics. My favorite lines are found in the seventeen-minute masterpiece "Dogs," a bitter satire on money-hungry business people. These lines play on the life of these people, like "... In the end you'll pack up, fly down south, and hide your head in the sand; just another sad old man, all alone and dying of cancer." Another interesting lyrical point in the album is the numerous references to "the Stone." One could ponder the meaning of such mentions, or just enjoy the music. Also, the guitar solos in Animals, especially on "Dogs" and Sheep," will have you convinced that Dave Gilmour is the best guitarist of all time.
    Although it is not as heavily drug influenced as earlier Pink Floyd Albums such as Dark Side of the Moon, Animals has its own distinct sound and feel, as well as noteworthy lyrics and guitar. I would recommend this album to anyone with the capacity for abstract thought, and I would tell him or her to be prepared to find themselves astonished at the creativity and savvy wit of Pink Floyd.
  • gomez - Great deal!I came looking for a small discount for a PS3, but when i saw it for $199 i had to act fast! I had a couple of shipping problems but amazon was able to fix that for me in one simple phone call! It came on time, it runs great, the games came neatly packaged inside cardboard sleeves, and so was everything else really. Just plugged it in and turned it on, i was able to play for hours with my new console! I'm really happy with this bundle and with the deal amazon offered.
  • Sharon Knutson "chinamomma" - The simple joys of MitfordI apparently have stumbled onto the town of Mitford late. But my delight is complete with each page unfolding the lives of the people in Mitford. Father Tim is the town's priest. Through his life we meet all the character's of the town and grow to love all of them. Mitford is the town who takes care of their own, where the town cafe has all the news, gardens flourish, and the church is the town's social center. The pace is relaxing, sweet, and full. Father Tim is struggling in his own faith but yet leads his flock with unerring strength and grace. While he frets over his human foibles, he is stretched by new relationships, first a dog, who only responds when scripture is quoted to him, then a boy, who is struggling to find love and acceptance, and finally in the neighbor who lives next door. Father Tim and Cynthia's relationship grows in fits and spurts together. Reading this book was like going on a vacation. I became relaxed and refreshed chapter by chapter. I can't wait to read on about Mitford while sipping my cup of tea.