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  • Husky lover - If you have high energy dogs, read this review.I have Siberian Huskies that are extremely high energy and love to run away. The TAGG trackers have been our life savers because as soon as our huskies leave our premises I receive e-mails/text messages with real time information on their whereabouts, thank goodness for the trackers. TAGG will also send tagg guards with their trackers so you are guaranteed that those trackers will stay on regardless of how much horse play goes on.
    The TAGG Customer service has always been very helpful and always assisted me in my concerns. They even overnighted a replacement tracker for me free of charge. I definitely recommend this product and business!
  • H. OBannon - Great SoftwareLoaded easily..replaced spyware doctor with antivirus from pc tools..i am well pleased with my Norton 360 2013. will recommend to others
  • Delilah - I love Wen Hair Care!As we all know that our hair breaks of or damaged we don't want to try anything new because it might make it worse. But when i was in the shower i left this in my hair, oh it felt so good on my scalp. Actually felt like my hair is clean and tingly. I love Wen conditioner. The Pomegranate smells wonderful. Smelt just like candy so sweet. I had way less hair to come out my head in the shower and when i was flat ironing it. It was supple and soft to the touch. love it. We all know this is not for everybody but, you could at least try this and trust me its way better than the stuff i have at my house. I won't let anyone touch it because its all mine :) Try it. I bet most of you won't regret it.
  • Coucher5366 - what a great story of survivalElizabeth did such a great job of explaining her story. I remember going to work and seeing her pictures up at LDS hospital. I also remember my Mom waking me up to the news the day she was found. It was so good to hear about a survivor and she didn't become a victim. She has been a poised positive person through all of this I'm glad she can be role model for other girls that go through horrible things.