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  • B.James "Chef J" - Skeptic proven VERY wrong...My wife wanted this for her Birthday about 6 months ago. I thought it would be a complete waste of money - something we'd add to the pile of rice steamers and veggie juicers in the basement. I purchased this for her and we now BOTH use it ALL THE TIME!

    I was completely addicted to sodas from name brands and this product converted me 100% to a "soda-by-me" person. I make a couple liters every weekend and drink them throughout the week for a FRACTION of what I used to pay for store-bought sodas. It also gives me some bragging rights to say I am being green by not having those 400+ bottles/cans I went through every year.

    She loves making soda and adding some real fruit juice for a light and refreshing drink that isn't filled with unnatural ingredients. This also makes a great substitute for sodas and fruit juices for our kids. They love making the drinks themselves.

    The machine is idiot proof and very sturdy, the CO2 containers are easy to exchange through the company's website or in our local stores, and the flavors (which I was most critical of before purchasing) are all fantastic. I personally recommend the diet soda and diet root beer. I was extremely surprised at the sheer number of options the company offers for flavor choices and brand name substitutes. I also like that this company only sells products sweetened with Splenda - no aspartame!

    Finally, I should mention something I consider most important: Everyone who is a guest in our home now gets to make their own soda when they come over (any flavor they like). It is a HUGE hit and a real conversation starter. After trying ours, at least 10 of our friends have purchased this in the last 3 months and all of them use the machines constantly.

    I would highly recommend you try this product. This is something you'll enjoy regularly, you'll save money (especially if you drink any kind of soda or sparkling water more than once a week) and feel good knowing you are using one of the few green, sustainable products in the market (this product uses no power - cords or batteries!).
  • Gayton81 - Worked as advertisedOk so the first day of taking these not too much happened. But day 2 and after, be prepared (ALWAYS). These pills definitely worked and helped clean my body. I recommend doing these when you will not have to travel any length of a distance but are close to a restroom at all times. These made mine and my spouse's bowels move many times (4-6) times a day so that is why I say be prepared because it wasn't something that would be easing up on you and you have time to drive 15 minutes home, it would hit your stomach and you better be able to stop within 5 minutes. Just trying to be as honest as possible. And soyou can plan, it says to take 4 pills twice a day for 10 days.