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  • Barbara McCormick-Thomas - Sarah uncovers painful truths.I am one of the dreadful atheists Sarah writes about in her book. I used to be deeply religious, my heart committed to Jesus, until...

    Until that horrible day when an Old Navy cashier said those fateful words: "Happy Holidays".

    Instantly, all my Christian faith vanished, never to return. How could it? How can you possibly sustain a relationship with Jesus if minimum wage seasonal retail employees don't say CHRISTMAS when you are buying your half price performance fleece?

    I don't know how to get my faith back. I've tried everything. Saying the Pledge of Allegiance, staring at a plaque of the Ten Commandments mounted in the lobby of a local courthouse, refusing to fill birth control prescriptions at the pharmacy, not shopping at Hobby Lobby or eating at Chik Fil-A on Sundays...but nothing works.

    My children are similarly suffering. They attend public schools and their atheist classmates are always pressuring them to attend Not Prayer At the Pole, or to join the Fellowship of Atheist Athletes or the Evolution of the Species Study Group that meets on campus. Before every sporting event, school assembly, or musical performance, they have to sit through a recitation of Fun Science Facts. It's so uncomfortable. For their Christmas concert this year, my son's school choir sang all these songs about praising "him" and celebrating "his" birth. I don't know who "he" is, but I wish they'd sung about Jesus.

    Anyway, Sarah's book gives me hope. It seems that if I spend enough money and buy enough stuff, I might feel Jesus in my heart again. As everyone knows, Jesus loved nothing more than to spend the day shopping at the temple, and visiting the money-changers to show off his bargains!

    I should warn shoppers - it was very difficult to find this book, as most retail outlets refuse to stock anything that refers to Christmas at this time of year. I finally found a copy tucked in a corner of Barnes & Noble at the mall, but only after walking past what seemed like miles and miles of atheist decorations. If you have small children, be advised that practically every mall has a "Dawkins Court" where a man dressed up as the godless biologist will invite kids to sit on his lap and tell him their favorite example of natural selection.
  • INGRID - It works perfect and combine with a little exercise u loose weight.If the purpose that you are looking for is to clean yourself and feel that all your colon is getting clear and clean this is the product for you. It makes you feel that all you are eating and needs to get out your body it will come out. You will go to the bathroom 'cause it is part of the process but it is not a crazy thing like you won't have time to go to the toilet like some people says. It makes you loose weight a bit 'cause the food it is not staying as longer as before in your body and if you combine with exercise it is even better and fast results. I take the tablets as it says the medication and works for me.
  • Jeremy C - Life ChangingCompletely turned my life around. I was a good for nothing lost soul. I began to research the mystical elements of the earth. If you aren't aware, three wolf moon gives the wearer the ability to enter a zen like trance state. Don't believe these other reviewers that mock this shirt. Don't believe these nay sayers and billy bobs. Unlock your true potential. When I sit back I can almost hear the howling of NightStar, SevenSeas and Jameis Wolfsten.
  • Olga Levchenko - This book is the best friend you can ever haveJust get it.

    The first chapter as I remember was a little bit boring for me and when I start complaining to my friend, she told me :"Just read it."
    And that was the best advice she ever gave me.
    I gained a lot of self-confidence as an artist and person, came to conclusion in a lot of things that bothered me for a long time, it truly gave me a peace of mind.

    So, for you, my friend:"Just ge-e-et it".
  • Chris - Classic Dickies Jacket.This jacket was exactly as i expected it. It is the same as they used to make some years back when i had my first dickies jacket back in 2000. I just threw my original out a few months ago. This is a great replacement. This jacket is definitely a newer model as it has a cell phone pocket stitched into the left part of the inside of the jacket. But the pocket doesn't need to be used for a cell phone, it is large enough for multiple uses wether it be a small concealed firearm, mace, maps, or smuggling junk food into a theater. If this jacket is anything like my original it will last me for many years to come. I would recommend it.