University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago - University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago

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City: M5J Toronto, Ontario

  • Mike and Anna - Honeymoon LifesaverWe love Rick Steve's books and take his e-books with us every time we go to Europe. He really takes you around to the most important places. His restaurant reviews are amazing and so accurate. This Rome book was particularly incredible!! His descriptions of all the important places and tourist spots were perfect.
  • califax - Great tabletThe tablet is great. It feels light and handles amazingly well. I use it mainly to correct papers and read the news. Every now and then I watch a movie. After the ICS update it worked without flaws, therefore I can't really see what kind of problems other ppl have with their wifi. However, I have not tried the bluetooth wifi connection, since I don't have a bluetooth headset nor a keyboard. The Wifi is not too strong, but works in all the places (work, home, hotel) where I have tried it.

    The screen is superb. The speaker (yes only one) is not that great, but when traveling I wouldn't wanna miss my headphones anyway.

    The battery time is great. It easily runs as long as my girlfriend's iPad, if not even longer.
  • joshua brown - I'm addicted to itRemembering the game from when I was a kid, I downloaded the new version and find that when I do play it, I loose track of time. Disappointed in record keeping as errors aren't taken into account when charging runs against your ERA. A bad defensive team can kill your ERA. And God forbid anyone gets a hit down the line. Every hit down the line is either foul or an out.
  • Eryk Jalowy - Ideal for Creature Oriented Green or Artifact DecksThere's honestly not TOO much to say about this relatively simple and effective little card. It costs 4 to slap down, and from then on, any time you can pay 4 mana and tap it, a creature from your hand enters the battlefield. Overall, as simple as that!! A few things to keep in mind: 1) most importantly, you can ignore the entire converted mana cost of any creature in your hand; 2) handy for (obviously) playing creatures that are very expensive, or of a color you don't have available; 3) subtle, but it does not count as playing a spell (if your eyes just lit up, go search for combos!), which means effects that say "cast a [creature/any] spell" are not triggered, while effects that say "creature enters the battlefield" still go through; 4) your creature can't be countered unless the opponent can somehow counteract the Artifact's ability before it resolves (very difficult in current Standard aside from flat out instant/ability artifact destruction); 5) may be even less obvious than the "not a spell" part, you can do it whenever you want! Like any activated ability that doesn't specify otherwise, it can be activated any time you can cast an instant spell. Hold your creature in your hand and keep your mana open until your opponent's turn, then slap it down during their end step, or during the combat phase, or right after they've tapped out all their mana! Also keep in mind it specifically says "hand", so this doesn't combo with anything in your graveyard, in your library, or in exile (you sneaky Praetor's Grasp users!).

    A few quick anecdotes. I have used this card more than once to play a Blightsteel Colossus in a green trample/infect deck. I have used it to great effect against anti-creature counter decks by paying the 4 mana even if the card's cost is less, because it can't be countered. Having this, along with an Asceticism in play means my creatures can slide into the battlefield completely untouchable by any direct source. It's not for every deck, of course, but if you use expensive creatures, or are for some reason afraid of your creature spells being countered, give it a try!
  • Reviewer - Book is fantastic, but take the course as wellI stumbled upon a video of Esther Gokhale on YouTube; it was of her giving a presentation at Google. Based on that video, I bought the book and read it in its entirety.

    I then took the free one-hour course at Esther's wellness center in Palo Alto. It was taught by her daughter, Maya (who is going to medical school this year and is amazingly smart).

    Based on *that*, I then took the full fundamentals course and loved it. You have to take the course if you can. Anyone who is thinking of having surgery should read this book and take the course first. In fact, this course should be required in medical school!

    My posture has been bad my whole life (rounded shoulders) and although I'm not in pain, I wanted to correct it. This course gave me the tools to do that. It's a *process*--so it's something that you always have to be mindful of and practice. You can't have the "surgery" mentality (i.e., I'll do this one thing and that will fix the problem). You need to correct the underlying faulty body mechanics.

    Anyway, this is a review about the book. So, buy the book. It contains more information than what is even in the course, but the course helps you put it into practice. The book also has plenty of pictures to show you how to sit, stand, walk, etc. correctly.

    Buy it! Study every chapter and then decide for yourself. You'll be amazed.