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  • sapphire lover - Absolutely a Wonderful BookThis a very lovely book but I didn't expect anything less as I love Susan Branch's illustrations and other books she has published. This is a really romantic trip and I feel like I am right there with her and experiencing what she is experiencing.
    When you order this book you won't be sorry. This is a totally different book than you have ever read. Love the illustrations, the pictures, and her own writing. If I could give it 10 stars I would!
  • Sheridan - Thank you! A pregnancy book based on facts!!!During my first pregnancy, I found myself spending a lot of time fact-checking the litany of medical recommendations prescribed to expecting moms and was surprised to find how few of them were based on actual scientific evidence. I wished there was a book like this that had done the research for me and presented the facts and relative risks in a way that let me decide for myself what to eat, drink and do - it would have saved me a lot of time and anxiety! Women deserve to enjoy themselves and their pregnancies without unnecessarily worrying or restricting their lives.

    I think that the negative reviews for this book come from those who have a particular axe to grind about alcohol use during pregnancy. There is no doubt that drinking in excess is a problem, much the same way that many things in excess are bad for you - even prenatal vitamins (there's a big difference between one a day and the whole bottle!). Fruit juice even contains small amounts of alcohol, so by the logic of no amount is "100% safe", should pregnant women add morning OJ on the list of things not to eat? One of the most risky thing that you can do pregnant, by far, to endanger yourself and your child is to drive a car. Should you only get behind the wheel when it's absolutely necessary? Skip meeting friends for dinner? Or trips to the mall? Order groceries online? The truth is, there is no such thing as a risk free pregnancy, and women deserve to make decisions based on sound facts.

  • CameronW - Abnormally entertaining-I've read Maya educational books in the past, but this one is far harder to put down, somehow. The tutorials are all engaging in their subject matter, as well as crystal clear in their explanations. The prose flows in an easy-to-follow matter, rather than the cryptic confusion of past versions. And all topics are engaged in depth - a great buy!