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  • Mark Twain - Tuscan Milk WORTH EVERY PENNY!With all the poisons and diseases that plague most other milk brands, it is impossible to put a price on the peace of mind provided by Tuscan Whole Milk. When most other brands of milk at the grocery store will more than likely cause radiation poisoning, flesh eating viruses, club foot, anal leakage, heart palpitations, sweaty limb disorder, back fat, rabid sneezing, and elaborate hallucinations involving Kathy Bates; it is insane to chose a brand other than Tuscan Milk. I am alive to write this review only because of Tuscan Whole Milk. Thank you, Tuscan Whole Milk!
  • Dave - Freakin AwsomeThis Tablet rocks!! First off, I would like to start off this review by saying the quite vivid display is absolutely fantastic. Its Bright as heck and the colors just seem to pop out @ you. Next the 16gb of factory memory is nice but you can expand to 32gb, which is what i did before it even arrived @ my house. I downloaded the netflix app and it works flawlessly. Its overall appearance is slim sleek and sexy, Very easy to hold and to navigate. Set-up was quite easy and fast, it only took me 1/2 an hour till i was up and running. It also has a really cool remote feature that i set-up with ease. Over all I give this tablet 5 stars because its easy to use and has a really bright display, oh i need to mention the sound. The sound is pretty big for such a small device and can handle movies, music and sports. Get this you wont regret your decision one bit!! hope you found this review helpful.:)
  • Claude Greenmount "semper ubi sub ubi!" - Top notch research, and backed up with citationFrankly, the particularly devout of certain stripe will be uncomfortable, if not outraged, at his conclusions. Firstly, it must be noted that the author has no wish to take issue with the Messiahship of Jesus of Nazareth, but rather the core of his earthly mission: The plight of the poor and disenfranchised, something many have utterly forgotten. He takes issue, as have other writers, with the laying of "blame" for Jesus' execution with the Jews of 1st century Jerusalem, instead pointing the finger squarely at Pilate (who is indeed "blamed" in the Creed most Christians recite every Sunday) and the occupying forces of Rome. He dwells more than a bit on Jesus' more rebellious and bellicose statements, but contrary to what some have written, does not entirely ignore Jesus' pacifistic tendencies. He has given us a detailed and fascinating picture of life in Israel under the Roman yoke, and of one man who spoke against it and reminded his followers of their duties to those less advantaged than others.
  • Stimolare22 - The NFL BibleHave been bulk ordering the NFL Record & Fact book since 2008. A MUST have for any NFL fan who cares to be well-informed with details and statistics. I highly recommend the annual NFL Record & Fact book to anyone who wants to be in the know. I previously purchased an assortment of NFL magazines as my NFL read up but I don't need to go there anymore.