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  • Kathy Mutchler - Horse ThiefThe author, Anna Balint, is a light that shows us in her stories; the endurance of being human. This book is rich. Reading it is an experience that has personally changed me. As a writing student, I have learned from this book new possibilities and it has evolved the way I write. I read it in two days and then I wanted to read it again. I have gained something sacred from it.
  • Cote Nunez Jose Tadeo - Good preformance for the moneyMy brother and I compared several under 399$ tablets before making a desicion. THis is by far the best tablet for that price. It can become a little slow sometimes and suffer from some video lags. But overall is really nice to use and hold. We had no issues with heat or baterry whatsoever.
  • Anthony BRADLEY - Required ReadingAslan has dedicated his life to researching and documenting the historical life of Jesus, the man. I think Aslan does an excellent job of putting the stories associated with Jesus in historical context, and I found the description of the conflict and tension between the original church led by the Apostles, and the rogue version invented by Paul which eventually crushed the preachings of Jesus and emerged as Christianity fascinating.

    I plan to read one or two of the rebuttal books--at least Bill O'Reilly's--but books I have read in the past which attempt to defend Christianity or the Bible generally rely on an assumption that we first agree that Jesus is the son of God, and accept the divinity of the Bible, and then "back that up" with a lot of circular arguments based on that false assumption. Plus, Aslan has a doctorate and studied the topic for decades--including citing sources--while the rebuttal books are essentially knee-jerk responses by people who were offended or feel that Aslan has in some way challenged their faith, and most likely rely on citing the Bible as a source to itself. So, I'm not expecting great things from the rebuttal books.