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  • Alex T - It actually works... HOPE RESTORED!I don't think I've ever written a review before, so know that this is a big deal. It's going to be long too.

    I'm a 24 year old male, thinning started at about 20 years old, receding started at 21. It felt like the change in my hairline happened over night, but it's been progressively getting worse. It came as a shock because for a while I had kept my hair short. Next thing I know, I can't style it the way I used to be able to. I stopped using gel completely thinking that was the problem, but it wasn't because it got worse. I've also gotten several hormones tested through blood work. My maternal uncles have amazing hair, as does my dad (63 y/o). To this day, the only reason I can come up with is stress (med school).

    In 2010, I started using Nioxin #2 shampoo and conditioner, I suppose that for the last 2 years I've slowed down the dramatic hairless I was experiencing. I was told Rogaine would bring back some hair, didn't work for me as my problem was the hairline. I'm also using the X5 Hair Laser (don't really know if it's doing anything)
    As of right now, I don't even have a definitive hairline, my widow's peak does not come down and make a point, there's a little bald spot so the "peak" is basically a dull round shape with a bald spot. The left and right indentations of my hairline differ, they are both extremely thin, but the right is emptier than the left. And the entire top of my head is see-through (thin). And grows at an unbelievably slower pace compared to the back and sides. The back and sides of my head make me a very good candidate for a hair transplant, the thickness of those hairs is outstanding (The lady at Bosely when I went for my free 30 minute consultation was even impressed).

    I received Nioxin Intensive Therapy Hair Booster a little over 3 weeks ago. The directions say to put it on in the morning after using the nioxin shampoo and conditioner and before you use the scalp activator. And then a second time at night. So I've been doing that, as well as using the X5 laser 3 times a week as directed.

    Conclusion: I noticed on the left side of my hairline, dozens of tiny follicles beginning to appear. I give this product 5 stars because in this short amount of time I've seen something better than everything I've ever used. I really wish I knew about this 2 years ago. And unlike any product it has created hope for me. I will try to be back every month with updates. My hope is soon that the emptier right side, as well as the center will start generating new follicles, and I see some real results.
  • Geraldine Ahearn "Author Geri Ahearn" - "AN ESSENTIAL HANDBOOK FOR NURSES AND HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS!"After devoting 30 years to Nursing, I remember quite well how many handbooks and guides I took to work with me, regardless of whether it was an 8 hour shift, or a 12 hour shift. The Unit I worked on wasn't a factor either. Whether it's CCU, ICU, MED-SURG or even if you work in a pharmacy, this Guide is a valuable tool for All Nurses and Health Care Professionals. It contains more than 350 IV Drugs, is in Alphabetical Organization, which does matter, because every minute of your time counts. In addition, it provides a detailed appendix of generic and trade names, Very Important to have handy. Also, it provides specific drug actions, and hundreds of drug facts. This essential guide is a handbook that will be used over-and-over, despite what unit you are working on in a hospital setting. It is also updated with the addition of New drugs. Easy to read, and essential guide that is a Treasure for Health Care Professionals. Highly Recommended!
  • Tiger - Nice Improvements from 2009 / Works Perfectly for MeI had zero problems with the 2012 edition, using a fresh install (Win7-64), and upgrading my files from 2009, and using for manual entry. Overall I like the improvement from 2009 to 2012. There are mostly improvements in ease of use and added control, but there are a few degradations. Intuit pushed you to upgrade now every 3 years if you use online updates, where as I think it was about 5 years when I last upgraded to 2009. So to keep current, I think the 2012 edition is an incremental improvement. For a necessary application like managing your finances, I am still very happy with Quicken.

    Quicken is a comprehensive home finance tool, that there always seem to be more I can do with it if I only had the time. The basics are easy, like tracking your accounts & bills. It is easy to search for things by category whether to review or confirm for your taxes. Reports can be interesting. Investment tracking is a trickier though. I don't download transactions and prefer to enter manually for my own validation purposes, so I cannot comment on the updates problems some other reviews had commented on.

    Rather than upgrading from my 2009 install, I did a full, fresh install of just 2012 on my new PC with Windows 7 (64-bit), which went without a hitch. When it first starts, it gets and applies updates easily. Then I just opened my existing 2009 files, and it upgraded them. Everything was there and seems to function just fine. I never had a single problem yet.

    The basics like your registry entry look the same as before, summary of accounts on left, list of bills, etc. The most welcome improvement for me was on the list view of bills to select a larger range of "upcoming" and toggle on and off already paid. In 2009, you could only see 30 days at most before having to switch to month view and page by month. Now in 2010 it lets you pick a great array of ranges from a few to all. I really like this to scan ahead for bills that are yearly or bi-yearly so they aren't a surprise when they pop into the 30 day scope. This was my primary complaint in daily use of the 2009, and such a little thing makes it so much more usable to me. The only degradation that is noteworthy to me in routine use is when editing paychecks you have to scroll a lot to view and work with various fields rather than a nice single-page view. The panel allocates less space for viewing the details, makes you scroll, and seems to consume more and more space. It was easiest in 2003, slightly worse in 2009, now really demands scrolling in 2012. Maybe if your resolution is very high and font size small, maybe it works.

    This brings me to one less-than perfect aspect is the fonts aren't as clear or crisp at a high resolution with large font sizes set in Windows 7 preferences, but are no worse than they were in 2009. In Windows, you can keep a high resolution for very crisp text, like 1900x1200, but can set preference for larger fonts so you can actually read it, and it results in a very crisp large enough letters in Windows native applications like folder browsing and Internet Explorer. But in Quicken, it isn't as crisp, but is plenty enough and not a problem, just not as crisp as it is elsewhere.
  • Ekaterina Maher - finally a replacement for MS MoneyI used MS Money for 8 years or so till they discontinued it a few years ago and left a huge hole. I looked for a replacement at the time, and saw some Quicken reviews that turned me off. Specifically I think the product at the time didn't have balance forecasting, which I needed. I'm not sure if that was true at that time or not. So, I ended up with Moneydance. I HATED that software. I stuck with it for a few years because I though that was the best replacement there was, and had a bad first impression of Quicken. Boy was I wrong.

    I finally got fed up with Moneydance at the beginning of this year and looked again for a replacement.I tried a few different things but they were all worse. Finally I thought I'd give Quicken a look. It's great. It does every single thing that MS Money did. I have no complaints at all (and I'm hard to please). I admit, though that I don't use any of the phone apps, so I can't comment on that. The desktop finance stuff I love though. One thing that I really like is that in the balance forecasting, you can change the amount of an upcoming bill (or the date or whatever) just for that one instance and it will recalc everything smoothly. It will also estimate bill amounts a few different ways.

    I like the download of credit card transactions. The categories have been pretty solid most of the time and it shows you on the home page what is awaiting recategorization. Everything is pretty easy to change and obvious how to do it.

    Thanks, Quicken. You've won a customer.
  • Live Outside - 2 great stories in one! Could not put it downTwo different stories but so twisted together they fed off one another. A new fairy tale about a prince looking for his princess and the implications of his quest. Although he thought he did not have what it took to be a prince, he had to do some soul-searching to find what those attributes really meant and brave the battles that came his way. The story-within-the-story was the real adventure that captured my attention and had me wondering what the heck was happening. At first, this double feature had me looped but as I read, I loved the drama between Delilah and Oliver. Oliver, the prince who no longer wanted to live in the pages of the book that Delilah was reading and Delilah who was determined to get him out of the book. It's another fairy tale of fantasy portions as the relationship of these two deepens and the reader feels for all the characters involved. If Oliver leaves the original fairy tale what happens to the princess and "happily ever after" and what happens to the characters in that book? Do they go about their lives without the prince? What about Delilah, if she can't get Oliver out of his fairy tale, will she not have her "happily ever after"? But...what if she does get him out, how can this be? She is a human, a person like you and me, and he afterall is a person created in a fairy tale. Oh, the implications of such love.

    As a child, I would shut my bedroom door as I left for school, wondering what my stuffed animals would do while I was gone. I'd wonder how my toys felt if I played with one toy more than another. That has gone one step further today, as we watch Toy Story but to animate a character from a text was fantastic. As readers, we fall in love with our books, we adore our actresses and actors in the pages. We all feel a part of the stage when we fall in love with the drama but to take it a step farther and pull that character out so we can hold them in our hands or look one-on-one with them was truly astonishing. It I admit that switching gears from the fairy tale, to Oliver's side of the story to Delilah's view took a while to get used to but with the different style of writing and different color text, I got used to it (these 3 headings rotate every 3 chapters). The book went fast and it is definitely worth reading.