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  • Tiffany A. Harkleroad "Tiffanys Bookshelf" - fantastic thrillerAnnie was a successful real estate agent, with a caring boyfriend, when she was suddenly abducted. Her abductor takes her away to a cabin in the woods, where he keeps her hostage for over a year. Terrorized both mentally and physically, Annie finds a way to get free. When she returns to the world she had trouble adapting to her freedom, and it only gets harder when she starts to learn who is behind the abduction.

    I want to be very careful not to give away spoilers for this book, because I really want you to read it. You NEED to read it. This book is so amazing, particularly for a debut novel. I loved the unique structure of the narrative. Each chapter starts out in Annie's voice, as she narrates bits of her story to her therapist, each chapter being a new therapy section. You immediately feel intimate with Annie, you are privy to her inner thoughts, and a first hand account of her horror. The amount of character development right from the gate is staggering. You literally feel as if you are her therapist. I was completely mesmerized.

    The story was terrifying to read, because I know things like this really happen. But the book was incredible; I could not put it down. In fact, I read it in a day. Any lover of thrilling dramas will like this book. I was shocked to learn who it was that set this chain of events into motion, and I think other readers will be as well. Overall, a fantastic, dramatic book that will have me looking over my shoulder for weeks.
  • Strosey222 - Extremely EffectiveI waited for three weeks to review this product because I wanted to be sure that it actually works. And it does. I am a teacher and as soon as I stepped in front of my class each day I would begin to sweat--not because I was nervous or hot or for any particular reason that I could detect (except that perhaps my body hates me). I had all but stopped wearing shirts on which sweat rings were visible. I fully did not expect this product to work. I have tried other prescription strength anti-perspirants and clothing shields to no avail. To say that I have been very happy with the results of this product is a gross understatement. After using the Sweat Block as directed, I have not noticed anything but the faintest dampness under my arms at any point in the day. I did a 10 mile bike ride, mowed my lawn, weeded my flower beds, and most importantly experienced a stressful day at work and still no disgusting,embarrassing sweat rings!
  • Buttdiver "doodie head" - My Mom and Dad Dont Hit Me AnymoreBefore listening to the program with my parents I was beaten with a switch on a daily basis. My foul mouth and excessive drinking of cough syrup earned my knuckle sandwiches from my dad, and hair pulling from my mother. But now I am a good boy and they no longer need to beat some sense in to me. Thank you James Lehman, you may have saved my life...literally.
  • Lily Anderson "A Lover of Great Books" - A novel with true, deep worthTo sum up: This is a book that builds up the reader's heart with the truth of God's deep love and our worth in Him, rather than feed our hearts the cotton-candy emotions of fictional human love that leave us hungry and depressed as soon as they story is finished.

    I have grown tired of the "Christian romantic fiction" genre, but the last time I was at a Christian bookstore (I live overseas so it's only once every year or two) I saw this book and thought, "Well, it's not too expensive, the premise is a little different from most that I've read, and all the other books I'm getting are non-fiction, meh, maybe I'll buy it to read on the plane home." I did - I finished it in 5 hours and wished I had more for the rest of the flight!

    The reason I've given up on the genre in general is that many books increase rather than fight against the curse from Genesis 3:16, of a woman idolizing her husband and looking for him to bring her completion. As a single woman, I end up discontented when I finish that kind of book where the happy marriage at the end is the solution to all problems. In some cases, there is so little substance backing up the "faith" of the characters that it seems simply tacked on to allow marketing to the Christian bookstores.

    This book is so much more! Yes, there is some romance, and even the way-overused plot device of two people being thrown into marriage against their will (or at least against the woman's will) before getting to know and value each other, but their relationship by the end of the book is not what the formula would predict and it is NOT the main relationship or focus in the book. Rather, the most important relationship is that between Sarah and the God she has decided does not care about her. The author, Tessa Afshar, uses portions of the Psalms and interactions with Nehemiah, as well as the circumstances of Sarah's life and her prayers, to bring her heart back to the One who created her and who alone gives her life ultimate worth - not her skills, not her husband, only God. These parts of the book don't read like sermons or lectures but show a deep understanding of and appreciation for God's love for us. My own insecure heart was truly ministered to by the words of this book, and though I donated it to our school's secondary library as soon as I got back (I couldn't keep a book this good to myself!), I will be checking it out to re-read soon.
  • Ward Altman - Changed my lifeThis book changed the way I view my life and what really matters to me. The book was really easy to read (important for a slower reader like myself). I found the narrative writing style enjoyable and couldn't put it down.

    After reading this book I found that David Platt's secret church sessions are now on-line and can be watched for free. He also simulcasts live when he does them and a group can join in for the price of the book.