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  • Victor Rico-Gray "ricogray" - simply put: excellent!!!!I have ben a fan of Sade for a long time now. However, this blue-ray disc has blown me away. Simply put it is EXCELLENT!!!! What a great production, and to see the group really rocking and enjoying themselves is a gift to cherish. You will not be dissapointed, see, hear!!!! Just the openning with the light show and the band entrance is great!!!!
  • MO - Helped me so much!I have chronic yeast infections. My doctor's recommendation was to take a prescription once a month and just watch my liver...I was not OK with this solution. I have tried every natural option out there. Many work either a lot or a little but they still left me searching for a better solution. Fivelac has changed my life for the better. I took it a few times a day at the beginning and since then have had many fewer flare ups. Now when I have a flare up, I take them again. Otherwise I've cut down to taking it just every now and then. And every now and then, I might still take the prescription knowing that it will kill the worst of it and I continue my FiveLac. Fivelac is my savior. I am so thankful for it! I recommend it to everyone!! I've since told my doctor and my acupuncturist about it. I tell everyone about it. This is a great product. (for the record, this is the first amazon product I have reviewed because I think it is very important people know it is here if they are as desperate for chronic yeast infection relief as I was!)
  • Buyer - Use Code To Keep 2011 Running.I give it 5 stars because so far, I have been able to keep using Norton Internet Security 2011 running by purchasing 2012 and using the activation code to renew 2011. I hope I can continue to do this for another year or two because the general consensus is that 2011 works better than 2012. That said, I do have family members that have done the update to 2012 and are okay with it. Hope this is of help to someone.
  • Jared Billet - Great Speaker!This bluetooth speaker is a really great item to have. I just got it a few days ago and cant explain how good the sound it on this. Ive had other portable rechargable speakers and these are hands down the best for the money. the quality of the product is very good, stong well put together and sturdy. Has great highs and lows thanks to all of the speakers in this small package. Def. packs a big bass punch. Well built and well designed. Great item.