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  • Hebes - Great grill for the priceDecided to try an infrared grill after extensive review, plus needed something small for the space I have. It arrived quickly and was relatively easy to assemble...a lot of steps but nothing complicated and the bolts, nuts, etc. were very clearly marked and nicely packaged. The grill is very easy to use and will just take some getting used to as far as how long to grill various items. I can tell you the burgers have been fantastic, they stay very juicy because it cooks so quickly. Other meats and veggies have been great. I have yet to slow cook something but expect it will be perfect. I think this is a great grill especially for the price. Do not believe the negative reviews of this grill or infrared technology.
  • LVan - No sleep without it, when Mama's not happy, no one is happylI started with the Canine Coolers and thought they were great! I found a Chillow at a local drug store. At the time, I had migraines and found it very useful. I could put it in place, get back to sleep and could go to work in the morning. Now I am in menopause and most nights I wish I had at least one more or even two more Chillows! I am going to order one now and may be back for a third.
  • Colleen O'Neill Conlan - Heads Will Roll...and They DoMantel's second book is every bit as good as her first, Wolf Hall. It feels faster paced, as it covers a shorter period of time, from the fall of 1535 to summer of 1536. While Wolf Hall detailed the undoing of King Henry's marriage to Katherine of Aragon so he could we Anne Boleyn, this installation covers the brief period of his disaffection for his wife, and the machinations necessary to get rid of her so Henry can move on to wife number three.

    But while the book is "about" Anne Boleyn's trial, downfall, and execution, it's as much about Thomas Cromwell, the hub around which all the action takes place. It's really his story, his viewpoint. He's in every scene, and thank god for that. The guy is brilliant, loyal (but wily), unruffled, and a lot of fun to hear speak. He's become a powerful man that makes things happen on behalf of his king, yet he's also still that common bloke from Putney, the blacksmith's son. I'll say this: for this 21st century American reader, the court proceedings are pretty astonishing. Many go to their deaths on what seems like the flimsiest of "evidence." And there's a delicious undercurrent of revenge for Cromwell as the men under trial were the same who staged a scathing play about Cardinal Wolsey, Cromwell's early mentor and father figure, soon after his death.

    This has some of the very best dialogue I've ever read. Mantel has a gorgeous way with language: clear, flowing, never a wasted or overblown word. Sometimes I reread a paragraph just because it's so brilliant. I'm eager to reenter King Henry's court, as seen through Thomas Cromwell's eyes...and Hilary Mantel's prose.
  • Michael Eugene Brown - Extremely useful!Some have said that you don't learn anything but how to pass the test. I don't believe that is always true. The questions are grouped according to subject and also there is sufficient information in the answer to each question. The information of the grouped questions when put together help to provide a fuller understanding. For myself, I had a basic background. So, Gordon's book was able to fill in all the missing holes in my knowledge.

    It is true that if you don't have any background at all in ham radio or electronics, you would probably need the ARRL book in addition. The ARRL book will help to ground you into the subjects but Gordon's book will help you pass the test.

    I plan on using Gordon's book for the Extra class license so I can pass that exam as well.

    Update: I passed the General exam with a perfect score!