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  • Carla - Pleasantly Surprised! !Having cold sores is a fairly new thing for me. I have tried all of the "most advertised" brands all claiming to be the most effective and the fastest solution to heal a cold sore. I finally gave Orajel single dose cold sore treatment a try when I received a sample, and I couldn't believe how quickly I felt relief! I would recommend it to anyone with a cold sore problem! !
  • AndreaF - Intestinal FortitudeI began my journey to the Specific Carbohydrate Diet via the "No More Wheat" campaign, which began with my looking for a more natural way to treat my IBD. Like many other people, I relied solely on medicine to heal my disease, but as the years passed I realized that I was not really getting better... although my symptoms could be a bit suppressed, eventually I realized that diet did play a huge role in a disease that affected my digestive system.

    After reading about this diet online, I laughed for a half hour when imagining myself adhering to such a strict way of eating. I was in denial and addicted to the things that this diet makes you give up: Grains, dairy, carbs and refined sugar.

    If you are anything like I was in regards to pasta, potatoes, baked goods, ice cream, etc, you may want to take a couple of weeks to thoroughly research this diet and mentally prepare yourself for changing your life. There are things to do before just jumping in to the SCD. For example purchasing a yogurt maker (I use the Yogourmet Electric Yogurt Maker and LOVE it!), or researching how to ferment yogurt a different way. Researching recipes to replace things you love (almond or coconut flour baked goods), and finding new recipes that you think look good is another thing you can do to prepare, just as a couple of examples.

    The book explains the science behind the diet in a comprehensive manner that is easy to read and not full of jargon that might be confusing. The recipes provided are a great start in the SCD journey. The first week is the hardest, and it is there that you will need the most strength. Don't give up; you can do it.

    It has been almost 2 months since I began the SCD, and I have had a moderate lessening in my symptoms. I am not cured, but my doc says that this diet can take a while to show improvement as it takes time to heal something as complicated as an immune system. My goal is to eventually get off of my harsh and somewhat frightening meds, and to be symptom-free. The end result is worth trying something as logical as eating in a healthy manner and sacrificing the foods that were doing me no favors. As a bonus, I've finally started losing (10 lbs!) some of that prednisone weight, too!

    I highly recommend this book, and would like to add that OF COURSE one should consult with their own docs before starting this or any other diet. Good luck, chin up, and remember the end goal!
  • Alice Anderson "Ali Anderson" - A book you can count onThe first time I read the book I wasn't sure of its value to me, I was cntent in what I was doing. Then there was a sudden career change, and What Color Is Your Parachute became my reference book. following the steps allowed me to gain confidence and garner the best job I have even had. This is a must read book for anyone who is changing jobs, or seeking their dream career. Thanks Richard.
  • Donna L. Hinkle "The Spider Girl" - A mainline injection of reality almost too harsh to face.I have never experienced such a profound and lasting effect by any piece of fiction. My interest in this novel has nothing to do with trying to decode the author's meaning, intent, etc. My attachment to this story is trying to find answers to the multitude of thought provoking questions it left me with. I first saw the movie one evening on televison. The next day at work I said to my co-workers, "Has anyone seen The Road?....DONT". Dismal, depressing, dark, disturbing. A mainline injection of reality almost too harsh to face.

    Without realizing I was already in it's grip, I kept replaying portions of the movie and the dialogue in my mind. So I saw it two more times. The feelings and never ending thoughts did not leave so I ordered the book and read it in one night and have re-read several portions. One particular mind burning quote for me was: "There is no God and we are his prophets".

    I found that the nameless characters, with hardly even a vague history, were very easy to identify with as "real people", instead of fictitious characters. I've asked myself a hundred times, would I have the will and the strength to survive? Does it take more courage to kill yourself, or to fight those daily battles? And more importantly, what would I do to survive, and could I live with what I did do? How do you find purpose and meaning in a dying world with no real sign of humanity or hope?

    So many, many questions that will for now have no real answer, and hopefully in my lifetime will never have to be anwered.