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  • Scott - ASUS Tablet was the perfect choiceI bought this for work, and looked at all tablets (including iPads). First I set $500 as my cap, but moved it to $700 to include and compare more tablets and more options. Purchased this for $600 (I think it was $614 including tax, 2 day shipping, etc).

    I'm not a fan of smart phones. I use my phone (a lot) for business, but texts, calls, conference calls, GPS and camera are all I need and want in a phone, and my (non)smart phone does all those things better than most smart phones AND the battery lasts 10X longer than a smart phone. But my business sometimes requires me to have email access also when I'm out of the office. I'm 55, don't like wearing reading glasses, so I decided to get the largest, clearest, easiest smart phone I could get... and this tablet was it.

    It's awesome. The battery is great, lasts much longer than my partner's smart phone battery. The screen is large and clear. I can easily type on the touch screen with my fat fingers, etc. I've only had it a couple months but I do use it quite a bit and like it. I thought I'd resist it as much as I resist smartphones, but I don't. I use it and like it. Never hangs, easy to use, quick boot, large clear screen, light, thin.

    Great investment. I'd buy it again for sure.
  • Goochy Spruce - Perineum fashionistaOn a perfect whimsical summer evening frolicking with the spouse, I found a perfect reason to use this product deeply stored in my medicine cabinet. The berries were awaiting the tongue thrashing they've long awaited for quite some time now. Besides the area started to resemble two semi-merged strawberry mochis dropped, or freshly hatched baby bird, under a barber's chair after cutting Pete Wentz's hair that somehow bent and squiggled before landing on a linoleum floor (I digress). After applying a coat of this magical potion to my plums, I quickly came to the assertion that in when dealing with such a sensitive area one should take the right precautions to protect the objects of one's gender. There is not a day that goes by that I wish I was more precautious in using such a caustic substance on my genitals. What once started as a cool sensation quickly turned to what felt like dipping one's own sack straight into a container filled with sulfuric acid mixed with an accelerator. As I attempted to extinguish the brush fire with water, the sensation, led by the trickling water, was voyaging to downtown browntown. This rapidly occurring phenomenon felt like burning gasoline furrowed by the incision of razor blade abruptly travelling to an area that once only felt the pain of a small razor nick. From that point, in my panic, I grabbed a thawing chicken from the refuse to aid in moderating the grease fire in my kitchen. There's no need to expand on the description on how badly decaying poultry mixed with burning flesh would be to one's olfactory cells, but I can go as far as saying the aroma was much like having gangrene on or near the anus whilst in the midst of defecating in a small wooden shack in the middle of the desert midday in August. Nonetheless, Veet for Men Hair Removal Gel Crème works extremely well at removing those unsightly byproducts from your mammalian skin organ, if so desired, quick and discrete. This product has done an amazing job at keeping the jungle down under maintenance free for over a year. The doctor was so amazed on how well the product did that he, without a doubt, gave the prognosis that hair will never invade my undercarriage again. The scars for such an inexpensive permenant treatment were well worth paying less than $20 is well deserving of 5 stars from this satisfied customer.
  • Seth Fitzgerald "Seth Fitzgerald" - iPad Mini 16GBI primarily use the iPad Mini for business purposes and I must say that this is the best tablet I have used for just about anything.

    Without a doubt, iOS 7 is annoying on the Mini or any other iPad but I still find it to be a more useful tablet than the ones running on Android.

    If you are already an Apple fan then the iPad Mini is a no-brainer if you can deal with a less-than-amazing screen. If you prefer smaller tablets, the Mini is the way to go but if you really need a high-res screen, Apple has just come out with the iPad Mini with Retina, so buy that if you need to.

    - Seth Fitzgerald, Journalist