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  • RevLee - Saves time, money, effort, and stress for clergy taxesThis is flat out the easiest way I have ever navigated the arcane world of clergy taxes (housing allowance exclusions, clergy expenses, self-employment taxes, etc.). I was anxious at first when Intuit bought out a competitor whose CLergyTax product was great, but after several years I can see now that I need not have been anxious at all.
  • Erin Guidangen - Works so far!I don't really review products, but I wanted to take some time to review this product because I see so many one star reviews that simply say it doesn't work without giving any context as to what the person did as far as diet and exercise. I think the misconception is that this is some miracle supplement that is going to just magically make the pounds drop off. Anyone knows that if such a thing existed, we would all be thin and not having weight problems. So here is my review thus far. I started taking this on 9/15/13. I weighed myself 5 days later on my regular weekly weigh-in day (Friday) 9/20/13. I've already lost 3 pounds. This is what happened during those first 5 days.

    Some background on myself. I am a 28 year old female. I work a full-time desk job at home = extremely sedentary during the day. I do, however, try to make up for that by exercising 4-5 times a week for a minimum of 45 minutes. I do exercise that elevates my heart rate (eliptical, stair master, kickboxing class, spin, etc). My diet is not the greatest. I am not a clean eater and find it hard to get fruits and vegetables into my diet. However, I do try to limit my calorie intake since I move very little during my work day. I don't drink soda and I have junk food and fast food sparingly if not at all. On the weekends I do let loose on the reins. Usually Saturday I will have an unhealthy dinner and sometimes I will have 1-2 alcoholic beverages. Long story short, I'm just trying to get the point across that although my exercise routine is pretty good and I am making a conscious effort to watch what I eat, the weight would not budge. I get it, it's probably the weekends that kill me, but I think most of you would agree that not having a cheat day makes life extremely boring and more stressful overall on your weight loss goals.

    Soooo...I start taking this Garcinia Cambogia last Sunday, Sept 15th. Here's how I felt:
    *I did notice I was in a better mood. Something that is important to note is that I felt NOTHING when taking these supplements. I've taken diet pills before and you can feel everything from heart palpitations, jitters, irritability, stomach aches, etc. I wasn't sure if this stuff was even working, but of course my mind changed when Friday rolled around and I weighed in. I am extremely happy to be taking something that does not cause me any negative side effects. That's not to say everyone will have the same result because I'm not a doctor and I honestly don't know, but I sure did not feel anything negative as a result.
    *I lost my food cravings. I usually find that once I crave something, I HAVE to have it. This was not the case. I didn't feel like I was fighting with myself to not reach for a salty handful of potato chips. Even when Saturday came and it was time for me to have cheat day, there wasn't anything I was specifically craving.
    * It did suppress my appetite. I was not hungry as frequently. Normally in the mornings, I'll drink my protein shake that I have every day for breakfast and then not too long after I've finished it, I'm already wanting lunch. Now that I've been taking this product, it'll hold me over at least 1-2 hours longer which is amazing. When I'm starting to feel hungry, I know it's time to take the next round of supplements in preparation for my next meal. Doing so actually helps hold me over even longer. When I take this product immediately after my workout when I know I have am empty stomach, it helps me from not wanting to eat the entire fridge when I get home which is also great. That has been one of my biggest challenges, controlling my eating after a workout.
    *I actually lost weight. Like I mentioned earlier, after only 5 days I lost 3 pounds. I struggle with weight loss and I know it's probably because of my desk job and occasional unhealthy eating habits. My weight usually stays the same, or goes up or down 1-2 pounds. It is extremely frustrating considering that I do go hard at the gym and never sacrifice my workouts. I know it's all about lifestyle change in your eating habits to lose weight, but I feel like I've been doing as much as I can to watch what I eat without making myself super unhappy.

    Anyway, I know this was a lengthy review, but I really wanted to show that this product does work from the perspective of someone that is fairly human and not a health freak. Whether or not it will continue to work, I don't know, but I will definitely try to come back and post updates of my progress.
  • Tami Wacker - Love It!!!I received this right before Christmas and I haven't stopped reading yet! I travel quite a bit and it is wonderful to be able to take several books at a time without taking up the packing space. I also love the accessibility of being able to find books and download them instantly especially when I have found an author and a series that I like _ usually I am a one to two book reader a month - but with my new Kindle - I read 10 books over the past month. Can't say enough good things about it!
  • Margaret - A Moving BiographyTo Brian Jay Jones, Thank you so very much for writing Jim Henson's biography. Your balanced, inciteful approach, your dedication to getting the whole picture of Henson's life, is evident and much appreciated. Yours is a wonderful book and inspiring as was Henson's life.

    JIm Henson's sudden, and much too early, death was a true loss to us all. The last chapters of this book chronicling Henson's illness, death and memorial services are truly moving. So many people loved him and were enriched by his presence in this life. He believed death was just the next step and not the end. I hope he was right.
  • Krystyna - Absolutely Perfect Table Chair!!I have another table chair but the arms that go underneath the table are way too long/far back so for most tables, it will not fit :0(

    I saw this Inglesina table chair while eating out with my family and absolutely fell in love with it and it's ability to fit on almost every kind of table. The seat is padded enough. The buckle is secure and hidden away with Velcro attachment to the front portion of the chair (not in the way of the child at all). The seat folds up compact and it has a bag attached to it under the seat so you can put over the chair itself. It also has another pocket on the back of the chair but I have yet to find a need to use it.

    And the other big thing I love about this Inglesina table is that it feels and looks secure when I putt my children in this chair...The Italian's sure do know how to make great products.