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  • Peter Sale "LTwalker" - Love keeping my own books with Quickbooks Pro Plus 2013It is much better for me to know details of my business' financial data at a moment's notice, by running an appropriate report, than to need to contact my bookkeeper via phone or email for this information.

    Keeping my own books rather than hiring a bookkeeper to do it for me is entirely possible with Quickbooks Pro 2013 AND THE assistance OF INTUIT SUPPORT. In my opinion, every new Quickbooks Pro user should also purchase at least 90 days' worth of support to get them started. I upgraded to Pro Plus to get 12 months' of support.
  • Jay - Don't see the problemI recently received my Prime, and am happy to report that it runs every game(Including Shadowgun) smooth as silk. I faced none of the dreaded crashes after the ICS update. The battery life is great, even running games regularly it lasts for a couple days on a single charge. It truly is the best tablet on the market today. No WiFi issues that i have noticed, it actually gets better signal than my iTouch. Haven't tried the gps function yet, but if i wanted to have help navigating around my house, i would have bought a dedicated device. There were some delays in my order, but i contacted Amazon and they were eager to correct the issue and it (the Prime) was shipped the next day
  • blkftbear - 2013 Grammmy NomineesCannot say that I liked all of the compilations on this Grammy 2013 Nominees, that said these are the highlights on this 2013 Grammy CD: Kelly Clarkson*, Taylor Swift*, Katy Perry*, Janelle Mona'e*, Florence + The Machine*, Carly Rae Jepsen*, The Lumineers*, Alabama Shakes*, Mumford & Sons*, Frank Ocean*, and Adele*.
  • KelJb - Great product!Follow the instructions and take a moment to fit the mounting brackets into place and it fits like a glove. Very good product to replace the factory stereo with an aftermarket. I only hope I never have to pull it back out because I haven't figured out how. I hope I don't break it if I need to.