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  • Dan Glover - What a way with wordsI don't normally read poetry. This book was recommended to me by James Patterson (yes, that James Patterson), however, so I thought if he got something out of it, who am I to argue?
    Louise Glück is amazing. She weaves entire books with just a few words. It is a joy to follow the evolution of her work over the years, to share in her joys and her sorrows. She lays bare the feelings most of us never allow ourselves to admit. It is like she is standing naked before the world saying: see? this is me in all my glory and fury.
    I would highly recommend this book to anyone, but especially to writers seeking to expand their range in showing their readers the many different worlds of their stories.
  • Alan P. Mcguiness "aotearoa" - Wish I had purchased soonerMy cancer medication gives me terrible night sweats and hot flashes, plus I have the "burning feet" syndrome from diabetes, this pillow is an absolute godsend. Since I sleep like a rock, I do not move much, so can wake up sweaty in the morning. My solution is to have two Chillows, and I change over during the night, usually without remembering. I refrigerate mine every evening, would not be without it, and for $24.95 it is a great buy. Be sure to "burp" it properly to get the air out. Also use it for a nap or if I have a headaches, great!!
  • J. Atupem "afrodeutsch" - Don't be afraid to buy this!!!!I'm going to make this simple. This works! If you had norton before and your subscription is running out this will replace it. This not a trial you'll get a full year of protection. All you have to do in your amazon account is go to "Games and software library" and you'll get the product key. You enter the key and depending on what type of Norton security software you had before, you may have to go through an installation process. Once that is done, (and this is the part that confused me...lol) it may say that your trial subscription has begun and you have 15 days of protection...wrong!! You can get 366 days of protection all you have to do is click on the activate button again in your norton program and it will walk you through setting up a norton account and presto! You will have 366 days of protection for under $10.00. Have I mention that I love Amazon.com? Because I do! I hope that this helps someone.
  • Grandpa Joe - Bookkeeping SoftwareI have been please with intuit products and have used them for years. I think Quick books is easier to use than Quicken and is much more flexible. It is easier for those of us who learned bookkeepingQuickBooks Pro 2012 using pen and spreadsheet paper.
    Amazon did a great job of getting me the product and it came as promised in the manufactures original packaging.
  • CarmenK - Rick Steve made my travel so fun & easyThis is the 3rd Rick Steves travel book I purchased, I love his guide books because he doesn't list "things to do" with an neutral attitude, I feel like I'm reading a friend's letter while I read his books, he has great humor & extensive knowledge about the destination, the book includes the most practical info, tips & map, he often gives alternative routes (scenic bus ride or speedy metro) & funny comments about artworks, we enjoyed it so much hopping into museums with this book & think that he is qualified to be a "comedian tour guide".
    I'd recommend you to make bookmarks before your trip so you can easily navigate through the thick book on the go.