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  • Jessica Kaiser - Awesome Double StrollerI’ve been meaning to review this for a while. We got this once our twins were big enough to move out of their baby seats and on from their Chicco double and it definitely is much lighter and easier to maneuver. Overall this is a great stroller and since you can typically find it quite a bit cheaper than the City Mini, to me this is a no-brainer option. It is easy to open, has very large sun shades, big storage area that is easy to access, the adjustable bar makes it great for taller or shorter parents and the parent tray (purchased separately) does the trick. Only downside is the foam handle, which was damaged (torn) during travel. Would recommend 100%.
  • Francis2901 - Great Tableti purchased this tablet when it first came out. I knew about the GPS issue, and still didn't care. Asus always puts out great products and takes care of the consumers. They did send out a GPS dongle to help with reception and it works as indended and only added minamal inches to it. The tablet is very fast and works great with playing games. ICS came with it as the standard OS with many other extra's.
  • Kristopher Kachline - Why Huge Ships Are So Hard to AvoidI have been to many villages where seafaring people take to the Atlantic, off the coast of our beloved United States, in hopes of earning a living. I have been to these towns to talk about one thing- HUGE SHIPS. In the south, they are known as "them huge ole ships" or in Miami as "immenso buque." One man in the lobster town of Kennebunkport, Maine was "serial crushed by some huge friggen ship." I had been making quite a nice living on the Huge Ship Avoidance lecture circuit. That is, of course, until How to Avoid Huge Ships was published. I feel like Capt. Trimmer must really know about huge ships because, well, he has avoided them his whole life. Do not worry about me though, I am doing fine. I am lecturing again, not about huge ships and secret ways to avoid them, no sir. Instead, I have copyright protected my new travelling lecture, -How to Get Taller as you Go From Ages 1 to 18- You would think it would be self-explanatory, like avoiding huge ships, but there are obvious things that may not be obvious to the obviously-aware spectator. Please see my other award-winning lectures coming the malls near you:

    Staring at an Eclipse: Don't Believe the Hype, It is Great Fun

    If You Had Two Apples and You Take Away One: A Guide to Being a Loner

    Hot Coffee Burns and Other Dangerous Scalding Liquid Abrasions
  • Donna Holmes - Turned the light on in my closet!I love it because it not only describes the clear signs of the negative people in our live on ALL LEVELS...and how to handle tells you how to identify your OWN problems and how to improve your life and be successful. It was like turning on the light in the closet I've been hiding in. Now I can find the door know and walk out into the world and regain control of MY life. Thanks Dr. Phil. It's time for everybody to realize that we are not bad people because we don't have to live by the code of "benefit of doubt" any longer.
  • philipma1957 - The lowest cost 1TB ssdWell really it is 960Gb but 1TB is easy to write. I just finished putting it in my 2012 quad core mac mini. I added it with an OWC data doubler kit. I pulled the oem 5400 rpm hdd and put in a HGST travelstar 7200rpm hdd. The 2 drives add up to 1.96Tb I did this as a fusion drive. I also put in the fastest largest ram that fits in a mac mini Kingston 16gb 1600 plug n play ddr3 sodimm ram. I now have a super small super powered computer. Lots of ram lots of storage. And very fast. Since i just did the install I do not know how durable this will be but it is amazing for speed. My NovyBench and my geekbench scores are really high. Nice snappy gear.