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  • J. Howard - So good it's a little disgustingI was searching for a pet hair vacuum and came across this Shark. Having owned and used a Shark hand vac for a couple years that I was very satisfied with I didn't hesitate to buy this one. I owned a cheap Hoover vac that I thought was doing a good job, but after I got this sucker home and assembled (took maybe 5 minutes and technically doesn't require tools) I started it up. In one room it picked up so much extra crap from my carpet that I had to empty the canister already. It was honestly gross to see all the stuff it was picking up that my other vacuum had been leaving. Long story short, I bought it as a pet hair vacuum, and ended up with a much better all-around vacuum as well.
  • Goffredo Puccetti "Atoms with consciousness" - Must readI am giving 5 stars to this book because it is a timely book. It is the book we need to read, discuss, comment and share *now*.
    Thanks to Mr Harris lucid approach, what was unthinkable becomes pretty much plausible if not obvious!
    The moral "authorities" who claimed for century total and exclusive expertise on morality, ethics and human values, are eventually silenced.
    It becomes obvious how no priest or rabbi or imam can claim more authority than a doctor or any layman on morality.
    Human values are not to be shaped by religion. Religion never had and (hopefully) never will have monopoly on morality.
    And yes, oh yes: there is a conflict between religion and science! S.J.Gould doctrine of non-overlapping magisteria was a poor attempt to hide the situation.
    Science has always had a lot to say about human values. Human rights move forwards thanks to the advances in science - I am shortsighted but the laws of my country grant me the RIGHT to have my handicap corrected with a pair of glasses. That was quite an unthinkable human right before Galileo's invention... : )
    We can and we must investigate morality as an approachable facet of human knowledge.
    Do a favour to yourself and people around you: read and share this precious book.
  • Dennis A. Brennan "Dennis B" - Selecting A College MajorThe Book of Majors 2012 is a great resource given you quick access to the many
    majors that are offered by all the colleges in the United States. This way I can
    see what is offered at the colleges and get more details about that particular
    college by visiting their web-site. This gives me detailed and up to date information
    at the turn of a page.