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  • Symphony Grace "B.Honest" - Wonderful!I debated leaving this feedback because of the sensitive nature of this product. However, I had to because I want women to use this and there are not enough reviews. I want to state in advance: I do not know anyone at the company and I am not getting paid to leave this feedback. Now, with that said, I have always been extremely meticulous about my hygiene. I developed early as a teenager and that caused some alarming results and realizations, which prompted me to become almost OCD about my physical maintenance. Now, as far as a womens' nether regions, I could pretty much keep things in check with a little hydrogen peroxide and water mixture that I'd keep in a spritz bottle instead of soap. No one I was intimate with had complaints, quite the contrary. I knew not to douche, and I ate yogurt, especially since I have a sweet tooth which can also create an imbalance.

    However, after I became pregnant last year and gave birth, my hormones caused some strange Ph level imbalances. No matter what I did, there was this strange smell after awhile again. My husband did not notice or at least he did not mention it, but I did, and that was enough. It was not 'fishy'- if you have a strong fishy odor, that is an infection that you need to have treated before using this product. Once you get that taken care, use of this product can help keep you clean. Also, it is advised from the show the 'Doctors' where this product was featured recently, that if you have recurrent bacterial vaginitis, that you should have that treated.

    However, I know in my circle of female friends and family that the usual products for BV do not work or do not work long term. Some women have no infection but get reoccurred bouts of BV which causes them to feel embarrassed, ashamed and drastically affects their sex life. I personally would give this a shot if you have recurrent bouts of BV. I have read on some message boards that it is in fact working for that but you first want to make sure that that is what you have so that you do not ignore a STI/STD or other vaginal infection.

    In any case, after a month of trying to get rid of this strange situation, after one use, IT IS GONE! So, whatever was going on- which even could have been an issue with old blood still inside from my pregnancy which was suggested by one nurse, it is finally over! I love this product. It is not a douche in the sense that it does not push liquid into your vagina/cervix. It sprouts out and down. Douching is bad because it pushes bad bacteria further into the vagina and can throw off your balance even more. For the last 30-35 days I have been trying to get rid of this and nothing worked. I was cleared of any infections, etc. It literally was because of my recent pregnancy and there does not seem to be a lot of information on this. So now, I have decided I will use this product after my cycle and after sex and continue to clean with my peroxide/water mixture in place of soap. If you do have BV, or a stronger odor than what I am describing, I would suggest initially using it daily for at least two weeks. Even women with stronger odors are saying that they have seen drastic changes from first use-3 uses which is pretty impressive!

    I did A LOT of research on this product before purchasing it and real life accounts is what finally sold me, from various message boards. It uses your own tap water- which is almost free of charge and it does not hurt or disrupt your balance. You can feel confident with your partner during intimacy, you can feel great after intercourse by being able to rinse away any body fluids and lubricants from yourself which are also known to cause odor if not removed and you can use after your menstrual cycle and pregnancy to help ensure that any bad bacteria/old blood is out of there, preventing odor. I hope someone finds this review helpful. It is worth the price for peace of mind and if you think about it, if you are buying other products that do not work or wear off after a few days, if you look at your spending for these products: douches, so-called odor preventing washes and gels, you could have went on and bought this and been done with it! I prefer the natural methods- they are far more effective and not as harmful. (water, peroxide, yogurt and this!)
  • berryboy - AmazingThis product is amazing. I am a sufferer of cold sores for almost 18 years. In my early years I had no idea (neither did my parents) how to treat a cold sore. Consequently I would suffer for weeks at a time with pain and worst of all, embarrassment. All through high school, into college, and now as an adult they have been a tremendous source of shame. Although most of you know this is a virus that lays dormant in most of us, but for the lucky few it decides to pop up in times of stress or when we run our immune system down.

    I have used every other medication known to man. The one I used the most would have to be abreva. Although I had relative success with this product it by no means was a solution to this dilemma. Last night I felt a cold sore coming for the first time in almost 1 year. I used to get them monthly but in the last year have learned how to manage them and ensure that no cold sores would pop up. Due to unexpected events in my life recently I have been under a tremendous amount of stress. So last night I felt that dreaded tingle in my upper lip. I ran to the local grocery store to buy abreva and saw the orajel single dose. I decided to take a chance.

    The cold sore was just starting. So I'm sure catching it early (as it did with other meds)increases your chances of curing it quickly. I used all the medication as suggested and aggressively applied the medication. Rubbing it on the cold sore almost to the point of discomfort. It gave me immediate relief. I woke up this morning and it;s completely gone. This product is a god send. I have never in my 18 years of dealing with cold sores experienced a cold sore relief product like the orajel. It's truly a wonderful product. To all those naysayers, you must catch it early (have this stuff on hand), you must aggressively treat it (rub the product pretty hard on the sore), and use all the medication given to you for the single dose.
  • Jennifer D Thomas - Refreshing ;)So a friend recommended this product to me. It was not available in my local drug store, but no need to worry because Amazon has everything.

    I have never used a intimate "refresh" product like this before. The gel applicators were easy to use and the instructions were clear. Each applicator came individually wrapped.

    After using the product, I did feel refreshed and clean. I am happy with the outcome. I would order it again.
  • Easttenn Finest - The ultimate ps3 bundle!!!Ok, this is a probably the best bundle to have out of all the ps3 bundles out there. I mean if you dont already have one a ps3 yet, I pick up the bundle on black friday for $199.00 and they shipped it for free too, so I got a really really really good deal. The system comes with the ps3 250gb console, one wireless controller, the a/v output cable (wish it was a hdmi) the controller charger cable, the infamous 1 & 2 and bonus festival of blood download and the drake uncharted 1 & 2 games. Alot of people were mad that the games didnt come in the orginal case but to me I didnt mind. The system overall is smaller than the previous one which is a good thing but it does seem like the fan on the system doesnt do a good job to keep the system to run cool, there for keep in mind to keep the system in a ventilated area, other than that its just as good as the previous slim model. I do actually like the slide back opening disc unit,yes it may be made more cheaply but it does cut down the overall weight of the system, the disc operating in the system I couldnt really tell the diffrent in how it sounds when its loading from the previous model sounds about the same to me. So I would recommend this system to anyone who is looking to buy a ps3 who is looking to buy one. A great system just got a little bit better!